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What To (And Not To) Expect From Your Interior Designer

When you hire an interior designer, it’s normal to have expectations but trust us, it’s going to be a much smoother process for both you and the interior designer if you both understand and communicate well on what you’re aiming for. Interior design is a pretty important aspect in our daily lives as it affects our mood, how we think, what we do and another gazillion other reasons.

With that being said, it makes the interior designer you choose that much more crucial. You’d want them to understand your goals and habits, but you can’t entirely expect them to read your minds.

So, what can you really expect from hiring an interior designer in building your dream space?

Professional Advice

We’ve all been there before – thinking why do we need to hire an interior designer when you can do it without the help of a professional? There’s Google and of course you can just Google search and whip up some designs on your own, right? Well, that’s where most people go wrong. Of course, there’s the almighty Google, which is free - but what you didn’t expect is probably the millions of results and concepts you get blasted with from a single search. Not only will those results overwhelm you, it’s going to confuse you into what you really want as an end result.

It’s easy to get inspiration from viral posts and designs from Google but it takes a whole lot of other effort (and thinking) to actually implementing it successfully! Here’s what you can expect from your interior designer when this happens: interior designers are professionals that can understand and achieve a design you dreamed of. A skilled interior designer will be able to tell you how feasible a design is as well as how practical it can be, plus if you give them additional input on your habits and lifestyle, they’d be able to consider that too!

Getting professional advice is great as they can guide and help you in deciding what’s best for your lifestyle. Moreover, it’s always different when a space is designed professionally by an interior designer – we take things such as harmony, symmetry, lines and such when creating a design.

Material Recommendations

One thing most of us wouldn’t consider or at least, won’t think too deep into it is probably materials used in designs. There is a huge, HUGE list of materials to choose from even for a simple thing such as a living area sofa. You will need to understand the durability and if it’s even suitable to be used in your area’s setting. There’s a lot to consider: How will it look? How will it feel? How long will it last? And the list goes on!

That aside, there’s also so many brands to choose from, and sometimes what you think might be best isn’t exactly as you thought. Your interior designer can not only recommend you the most suitable materials, they’ll also do the hard work in thinking for you: they’d consider the price, quality, harmony and most importantly – what you want. Here’s a quick tip on what not to expect from interior designers though, that they can’t know what you don’t want if you don’t voice it out! Believe us, interior designers would appreciate your input from the very start instead of having you change your mind halfway. Don’t be afraid to let them know what’s not to your taste – and together you can create a space you’ll love, and a space they’ll be proud of.