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What To (And Not To) Expect From Your Interior Designer

When you hire an interior designer, it’s normal to have expectations but trust us, it’s going to be a much smoother process for both you and the interior designer if you both understand and communicate well on what you’re aiming for. Interior design is a pretty important aspect in our daily lives as it affects our mood, how we think, what we do and another gazillion other reasons.

With that being said, it makes the interior designer you choose that much more crucial. You’d want them to understand your goals and habits, but you can’t entirely expect them to read your minds.

So, what can you really expect from hiring an interior designer in building your dream space?

Professional Advice

We’ve all been there before – thinking why do we need to hire an interior designer when you can do it without the help of a professional? There’s Google and of course you can just Google search and whip up some designs on your own, right? Well, that’s where most people go wrong. Of course, there’s the almighty Google, which is free - but what you didn’t expect is probably the millions of results and concepts you get blasted with from a single search. Not only will those results overwhelm you, it’s going to confuse you into what you really want as an end result.

It’s easy to get inspiration from viral posts and designs from Google but it takes a whole lot of other effort (and thinking) to actually implementing it successfully! Here’s what you can expect from your interior designer when this happens: interior designers are professionals that can understand and achieve a design you dreamed of. A skilled interior designer will be able to tell you how feasible a design is as well as how practical it can be, plus if you give them additional input on your habits and lifestyle, they’d be able to consider that too!

Getting professional advice is great as they can guide and help you in deciding what’s best for your lifestyle. Moreover, it’s always different when a space is designed professionally by an interior designer – we take things such as harmony, symmetry, lines and such when creating a design.

Material Recommendations

One thing most of us wouldn’t consider or at least, won’t think too deep into it is probably materials used in designs. There is a huge, HUGE list of materials to choose from even for a simple thing such as a living area sofa. You will need to understand the durability and if it’s even suitable to be used in your area’s setting. There’s a lot to consider: How will it look? How will it feel? How long will it last? And the list goes on!

That aside, there’s also so many brands to choose from, and sometimes what you think might be best isn’t exactly as you thought. Your interior designer can not only recommend you the most suitable materials, they’ll also do the hard work in thinking for you: they’d consider the price, quality, harmony and most importantly – what you want. Here’s a quick tip on what not to expect from interior designers though, that they can’t know what you don’t want if you don’t voice it out! Believe us, interior designers would appreciate your input from the very start instead of having you change your mind halfway. Don’t be afraid to let them know what’s not to your taste – and together you can create a space you’ll love, and a space they’ll be proud of.

Saves Not Only Money, But Time And Effort Too!

You’d think hiring an interior designer is expensive and another fee to pay, but have you considered that hiring a professional will save you not only money, but also time and effort? Plus, it’s going to save you more money in the long run. Plus, interior designers take into consideration the budget you’ve given them, and it’s their job to stick to it!

When it comes to designing residential spaces, no one can really give you a timeline on how long it’ll take. It may vary from a few months up to a year! And you’re going to have to be through it the entire time, and it’s going to get more dreadful the longer it takes. However, hiring a designer will take this load off your shoulders (not completely, but mostly!). Maybe you can’t imagine it just yet, but they can save you hours and from all the problems you face. You can expect designers to recommend where to buy the right materials, help supervise, as well as making sure the project gets completed on time.

Then... what are the things you can’t entirely expect from your designer?

You can’t ensure they can ‘get’ your style all the time – you’re going to have to speak up!

Let them know what you think. Save pictures from Pinterest, the internet, magazines, everything. Communication is key to making sure they know what you want.

They aren’t psychics – they can’t tell what’s going on in your mind!

Designers often give you several choices, styles, colors and such to choose from and if none of those are your taste at all, you’ve got to put a foot down and tell them. By telling them, it means you will have to let them know what your vision is. They can visualize things, but they can’t get into your head if you don’t let them.

They aren’t here to agree to everything

Yes, it’s your home, your space, your office, you’re the client! You’re the end decision of everything but take this with a grain of salt, when your designer tells you what you want isn’t practical – they’re most probably right! Designers have the same goals as you – they want a perfect end result where the design is something you’d love. Sometimes it’s better to take the advise of a professional.

We’ve covered the basics for you but each designer and person work differently. Choosing an interior designer is the way to go, but there’s got to be communication and understanding on both sides for things to work smoothly. At C Concept Studio, we are readily available to help you create your dream home, office, studio or space. Drop us an email or give us a call to get things going.



室内的设计在日常生活中扮演重要的角色,因为它会影响我们的心情,思维方式等等。 所以,您选择的室内设计师更显重要。 虽然您希望他们能够理解您的习惯,但也不能期望他们能完全读懂您的想法。



我们都曾有过这样的想法,为什么要聘请室内设计师呢?我们有Google,一键搜索就能解决很多问题了。当然有一个全能而免费的Google的确可以搜索并自己编辑一些设计。可是,这就是大多数人出错的地方, 因为您没想到的是,您一次搜索是能获得数百万个设计和概念,可是这百万的设计不仅会让您不知所措,而且还会使您困惑,或许到最后您也得不到您真正想要的结果。

我们可以很容易地从Google的帖子和设计样本中获取灵感,但是要如实地实施它,还需要更大的努力和思考!这种情况下, 我们就可以指望室内设计师了,因为设计师能专业地帮我们理解并实现我们梦寐以求的设计。 专业的室内设计师能够告诉您设计的可行性和实用性,再加上您自己的习惯和生活方式的补充,设计师也会考虑周全的!

专业意见是非常有用的,因为它们可以指导和帮助您确定最适合自己的生活方式。 此外,当该空间由专业室内设计师设计时,总是会有所不同–诸如和谐,对称,线条之类的东西。


很多时候,我们在设计时都不会把使用的材料想得太深入。 即使是很简单的东西,例如沙发,也有成千上万的材料可供选择。 您需要了解材料的耐用性以及是否适合在该空间中使用。 有很多需要考虑的因素:外观如何? 感觉如何? 它的能耐性是多久? 而这样的例子是不胜枚举的。

除此之外,还有太多的品牌可供选择。有时候您认为最好的品牌可能与您想像的不完全相同。 您的室内设计师不仅可以为您推荐最合适的材料,他们还会全面考虑到价格,质量,协调性,还有就是最重要的是您最想要的。



您会认为聘请室内设计师很昂贵,因为您又要支付另一笔费用,但是您是否想想其实聘请专业人士将为您省钱省时省力呢? 室内设计师还会考虑您给他们的预算而做足功夫。

设计装修花费的时间越长,我们或许会变得没有耐心而心感烦躁,但是,聘请设计师将减轻您大部分的负担。 也许您现在还无法想象,但是他们的确可以为您节省时间并避免您面临的所有问题。 您可以期望设计师建议在哪里购买合适的材料,帮助监督以及确保建设家园的工程按时完成。



您必须说出来,让他们知道您的想法。 您可以尝试保存来自Pinterest,互联网或其他杂志的图案样本。 请记住,沟通是最基本的条件。




虽然您是客户,那是您的家,您的办公室,您的空间,可是当您的设计师告诉您您想要的东西有点儿不符合时,您即便是最终决定者,但也要一丁点儿考虑,这很可能是对的! 您要相信,设计师拥有与您相同的目标,就是一起创造完美的作品。

我们为您提供了一些基本咨询,但每个设计师和每个人的工作方式都不一样。 选择室内设计师是必经之路,但最重要的还是双方都需要沟通和理解,这样事情必能顺利进行。 在C Concept Studio,我们随时可以帮助您建造理想的家,办公室,工作室等等。 给我们发送电子邮件或打电话给我们吧,我们愿意为您解决一切问题。谢谢!

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