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Understanding The Interior Design Process 101: The Quote

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

"How much?" is a common question faced by interior designers. What clients expect when refurbishing their home is a fixed rate and price given by their interior designer. Little do you (as a client) know that it's not as easy as 123.

First, what we need to understand is that interior design isn't a service that has a fixed price tag. It's not possible for an interior designer to slap a RM10,000 price tag on the deal and call it a day.

There are a few procedures from the start to completion of a project that clients need to know and understand.

There are a few simple stages in C Concept Studio's interior design process:

1. Inquiry

2. Hiring Us

3. Planning (Design and Drawing)

4. Start of Work (Renovation)

5. Installation of Furniture

6. Decor and Styling (Installation of Loose Items and Furniture)

So, where does "the quote" fall in? It falls right on the first part of the process, which is the inquiry. In the inquiry, it's the part where the interior designer and you (the client!) meet and discuss all things important. Frankly speaking, it's one of the most exciting parts of the entire process. While the designer is getting to know you and understanding your tastes, this part also includes knowing your budget and discussing about the quotation.

And in order for a designer to give you a quote, you'll have to give them proper and complete information for them to at least give preliminary quote. Some of the details include property type and what you want to renovate. Do you own a single-story home? What's the size of your home? Which part of your home are you looking to renovate? Be prepared to know the answers to such questions when discussing with your interior designer!

Another important point to highlight is that there's no 100% accuracy to the costing, especially if there's no fixed design. We can definitely estimate but the final costing can only be given once the actual design is out. After the inquiry, you will need to hire us and then only then we come up with the renovation and furniture costing!

As an interior design studio, we need to understand all of your inspiration, tastes, and all other details in order to give you a preliminary quote.

C Concept Studio has made things easier - especially when getting a quote. Browse through our website and go to the inquiry, you'll find yourself a simple form. Fill in the form and you can submit all the basic information we need in order for us to contact you regarding a quotation.

Aside from quotation, the four simple stages re key to making sure your projects are well planned and can be executed with lesser mistakes. While we've only covered a small part in this article today, stay tuned for more articles on understanding the process of interior designing!