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Understanding The Interior Design Process 101: Hiring Us

After inquiring and discussing with us, here comes another crucial part - you actually have to hire us to get things going! Things don't start from the discussion, it actually begins once you hire us.  Most clients might think that the timeline we provide to them is fixed from the discussion. Little do they understand that our schedules depend on whoever hires us first.

That means, even if we're discussing a project today but you don't hire us until two weeks later, the timeline of the start of a project doesn't start until two weeks later!

It's quite reasonable and understandable that clients might need time to pick the interior design studio they want to work with, but clients must also be realistic - don't count the two weeks of 'deciding time' into the actual timeline of the project, if you haven't hired the interior designer yet.

To recap, here are the few simple stages to C Concept Studio's interior design process: 1. Inquiry 2. Hiring Us 3. Planning (Design and Drawing) 4. Start of Work (Renovation) 5. Installation of Furniture 6. Decor and Styling (Installation of Loose Items and Furniture) 

Moreover, we can only give you the furniture and renovation costing after you've decided to pick C Concept Studio as your interior designer.

So, how does this 'hire us' actually work? In order to hire us, you will have to accept our final quotation (of course we'll go through this multiple times during discussion, so don't worry!) and make a deposit. Like the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. You've got to make a deposit for the quotation for us to know that you've decided and are keen on working with us for your project.

Before actually hiring us, you'll probably have a thousand questions to ask, but here are a few to enlighten you on the pricing on the final quotation.

Firstly, the free consultation costs NOTHING. You read that right, it costs absolutely NOTHING! It's FREE! You can call us up (well, during working hours that is!) for free to discuss about all the questions you have.

Secondly, not all interior designers are the same. You would want to speak to us personally for a better break down of your quotation, but do understand there are things that just can't be calculated like 1+1.

Thirdly, we ask for a deposit because that's the most fair to everyone! By making a deposit, it builds trust among the client and the designer. The designer knows you're keen on making the project happen and can plan smoothly, and for you, believe it or not - it'll make you commit yourself to this project because you've spent money on it! It's a total win-win situation.

Don't fret too much from this point onward as C Concept Studio will be working hand-in-hand with you to create your perfect dream space!




所有事情不是从讨论开始的,而是从雇用我们开始的。大多数客户可能认为从讨论中得到的时间估计是确实固定的。其实他们都不了解这时间的估计是取决于谁首先雇用我们。这意味着,即使我们是今天的项目,但是您直到两周后才雇用我们,所以项目开始的时间估计是要在两周后才开始计算!客户可能需要一些时间来选择他们想要合作的室内设计工作室,这是非常合理和可以理解的,但是客户也必须切合实际-不要将“决定时间”的两周计入项目的实际时间估计中, 因为您尚未聘请任何室内设计师。

回顾一下,这是C Concept Studio室内设计流程的几个简单阶段:

1. 咨询

2. 雇用我们

3. 规划(设计和绘图)

4. 开始动工(装修)

5. 家具安装

6. 装饰和款式(安装松散的物品和家具)

而且,只有在您决定选择C Concept Studio作为室内设计师之后,我们才能为您提供家具和装修预算。

为了雇用我们,您将必须接受我们的最终报价单(当然,我们将针对报价单进行多次讨论,因此请不要担心!)并支付订金。 俗语说,行动胜于雄辩。您必须支付订金以让我们知道您已决定并愿意与我们合作继续进行整个项目。


首先,免费咨询,不需任何花费。 您没看错,它绝对不必花钱! 免费! 您可以免费致电我们(当然是在工作时间内!),以讨论并咨询您所有的问题。

其次,并不是所有的室内设计师都是一样的。 您可能希望亲自与我们联系,以更好地分解报价单,但请您理​​解有些事情是无法像1 + 1这样计算的。

第三,我们会要求客户支付订金,因为这对每个人都是最公平的! 通过支付订金,它可以建立客户与设计师之间的信任。 设计师将知道您真心使该项目顺利进行,并且不管您相信与否,它都将使您对这个项目有所投入,因为您已经花一笔钱在此项目上了! 这是一个双赢的局面。

从现在起,您不用担心太多,因为C Concept Studio将与您携手并进,以创建您理想的梦想空间!


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