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Tips on Organising Your Pantry

In our country Malaysia, it is common not to see a pantry when we walk into someone’s kitchen. We at C Concept Studio believe that if you love to cook, it is really a worthwhile investment for you to have a pantry designed when designing your home. Here are some tips on organising your pantry.

1. Make a list of everything you have or may want to have in your pantry. Know if you plan to put your pots and pans as well as your food in your pantry.

2. Classify the things you listed into groups. This is so that you keep all your baking things together, all your spices together etc. for your convenience when you need them.

3. Decide what kind of containers you will use for each group of items. You will probably need some jars, plastic containers, metal wire baskets and maybe even a lazy susan. You may want to place children’s snacks in plastic jars/containers or in an easy to grab baskets and some items may require an air tight jar to preserve freshness.

4. Buy the containers you need.

5. Decide on how you want to label your containers and buy the necessary items for labelling of the containers. Labelling the containers is important if you do not want to confuse your self-raising flour with your all purpose flour or pancake mix, or confuse your fennel powder with your cumin powder or coriander powder. Labelling will also make people place the items back in their place.

6. Clean out your pantry/cabinets by removing everything and wiping the shelves and throwing away expired items, items that have gone bad items that you no longer want.

7. Put all your remaining food in the new containers you bought that you have washed and dried.

8. Label your containers accordingly. Also when labelling, remember not to throw out cooking instructions in the back of boxes. Cut out the instructions and paste it on the side of the container. This may also be a factor when you are thinking about what kind of containers to get for each item. In addition to that, always remember to include expiry dates on all containers when you repack items into your personal containers to avoid having you and your family eating expired goods.

9. Arrange the containers on the shelves in your pantry in a way that makes sense to you and makes it easy for you to access. All items that you use often should be placed at eye level and in a place that is easily accessible. Store the things you need least up high unless they are heavy. Heavy items should be stored on the bottom shelves so you do not weigh down the top shelves.

10. Feel the joy every time you walk into your beautifully organised pantry.

Having a pantry takes away a lot of clutter in the kitchen and allows you to cook peacefully and joyfully. At C Concept Studio, we have developed a checklist for clients when designing their kitchens, which includes a pantry, to ensure that they have everything they may need. So with the checklist, you can be rest assured that we anticipate your every need before even you do.

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Photo credit: Carrie Waller

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