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Tips On How to Brighten Up Your Room

There are a few options when it comes to brightening up your room. Depending on your budget, you can go to a whole scale of revamping your entire room or try these few economy saving yet efficient tips:

1. Go big.

If your room isn’t the size of a matchbox and can handle a larger fixture, go all in with a big chandelier or statement pendant to bring in not only a lot of light, but also impact to a seemingly drab room.

2. Be selective about bathroom lighting.

Be very precise when it comes to lighting. For example, if you want a bright-litted bathroom, place the lighting close to the mirror.

3. Be strategic.

Placing your lighting in certain areas or ways can help make the room brighter. Another tip is to try arc lamps whereby the can bring the light closer to you and make the overall space feel brighter.

4. Hang a large mirror

According to Olga Ratajski, a Chicago-based designer, hanging mirrors in a dim room can work wonders. “Mirrors reflect light and also create an illusion of depth to the room, which tricks the eye into thinking the room is larger and more open than it actually is,”

5. Mix things up.

Don’t limit yourself to just a pendant in the room— the more lighting fixtures you have, the cozier the space will feel. “If you want to embrace the moodiness, add ambiance through a variety of light sources: sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, and candlelight,” Czajkowska says.

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