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Tips For A Better Ventilated Home

Aside from scorching hot weather, Malaysia's weather can make a space damp and uncomfortable. Dampness can make your home or office have musty smells and growing moulds! Excess heat may also be trapped in your roof - especially for those who live in landed properties. The solution to those problems would be a well ventilated area.

Humidity problems are more than common in Malaysian households, and it's one of the very top reasons why we need to ventilate our homes properly. Here's some quick and simple tips we can offer to improve the ventilation of your house!

1. Windows, windows, windows!

It's literally quite impossible to have a house with no windows. If it isn't obvious enough already, to improve airflow you SHOULD open your windows whether you're in the room or not. By opening windows, fresh air can enter your home while trapped hot air can make it's way out.

2. Vents aren't 2000 and late

Many might think vents don't do much but believe us, vents will definitely improve the ventilation of your home - entirely! Vents can help ventilate an entire home (not only the room it's in!).

3. Fan those heat (and smells) away!

There's no denying that fried fish tastes great. But fried fish smell that lingers up to a few hours? Probably not so much! Good ventilation should be a standard requirement for any kitchen. This is why you need to have a proper, good quality exhaust fan for your kitchen.

4. Air conds & fans

Installing these will save you from Malaysia's endless summer. Air conds aren't necessities but will definitely keep you cooler than any fan can.

5. Air purifier

A seemingly popular household item in the recent years - and we can understand exactly why it is! Air purifiers not only improve ventilation but will improve the overall air quality, resulting in a more comfortable breathing space.

6. Extra space? Courtyard!

Turn the extra land and your surroundings into a courtyard - it's both beautiful and great for ventilation! Courtyards aid the purpose of natural ventilation. Greeneries and plants provide fresh air and improve oxygen supply.

At C Concept Studio, we can help you design and pick the best ventilation items for your home. Give us a call today to understand what your home needs.


除了自身感觉酷热,马来西亚的炎热天气也会使空间变得潮湿和不舒服。 潮湿可以使你的家庭或办公室有霉味和不断增长的霉菌!

多余的热量也可能被困在屋顶 - 特别是那些住在落地的房子。 想要解决这些问题,最好就是让房子保持通风。




这个年代是不可能没有窗口的房子。如果房子的窗口有限,那为了改善气流,无论你是否在房间里,你都应该打开窗户。 通过打开窗户,新鲜空气可以进入家中,而被困的热空气可以让它出来。

2. 许多人认为通风口帮助不多,但是相信我们,通风口肯定能完全改善你家的空气流通(不仅仅是它所在的房间!)。

3. 将热量(和气味)散开!

无可否认,煎鱼味道很棒。 但煎鱼的味道会持续几个小时? 不会很久!任何出发都必须要有基本的通风系统。 这就是为什么你需要为你的厨房配备一个合适的,优质的抽风机。

4. 空调和风扇


5. 空气净化器

近年来看似很受欢迎的家居用品 - 我们可以理解为什么会这样。 空气净化器不仅可以改善通风,还可以改善整体空气质量,从而使呼吸空间更加舒适。

6. 有额外的空间? 那就建造一个室内庭院吧!

将额外的土地和周围环境变成庭院 - 它既美观又通风! 室内庭院有助于得到自然通风的效果。 绿色植物和植物提供新鲜的氧气并改善空气。

在C Concept Studio,我们可以帮助您设计和选择最适合您家的通风设备。 今天就马上联系给我们吧!

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