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Tips For A Better Ventilated Home

Aside from scorching hot weather, Malaysia's weather can make a space damp and uncomfortable. Dampness can make your home or office have musty smells and growing moulds! Excess heat may also be trapped in your roof - especially for those who live in landed properties. The solution to those problems would be a well ventilated area.

Humidity problems are more than common in Malaysian households, and it's one of the very top reasons why we need to ventilate our homes properly. Here's some quick and simple tips we can offer to improve the ventilation of your house!

1. Windows, windows, windows!

It's literally quite impossible to have a house with no windows. If it isn't obvious enough already, to improve airflow you SHOULD open your windows whether you're in the room or not. By opening windows, fresh air can enter your home while trapped hot air can make it's way out.

2. Vents aren't 2000 and late

Many might think vents don't do much but believe us, vents will definitely improve the ventilation of your home - entirely! Vents can help ventilate an entire home (not only the room it's in!).

3. Fan those heat (and smells) away!

There's no denying that fried fish tastes great. But fried fish smell that lingers up to a few hours? Probably not so much! Good ventilation should be a standard requirement for any kitchen. This is why you need to have a proper, good quality exhaust fan for your kitchen.

4. Air conds & fans

Installing these will save you from Malaysia's endless summer. Air conds aren't necessities but will definitely keep you cooler than any fan can.

5. Air purifier

A seemingly popular household item in the recent years - and we can understand exactly why it is! Air purifiers not only improve ventilation but will improve the overall air quality, resulting in a more comfortable breathing space.

6. Extra space? Courtyard!

Turn the extra land and your surroundings into a courtyard - it's both beautiful and great for ventilation! Courtyards aid the purpose of natural ventilation. Greeneries and plants provide fresh air and improve oxygen supply.

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