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Minimalist bedrooms are catching on in trends, following the popular social areas of the home, as they should since the bedroom’s fundamental purpose is to clear the mind for a good rest after a hectic day. Removing clutter from the bedroom gives the room the opportunity to reflect the natural atmosphere of nightfall and daybreak. Here are three examples of minimalist bedrooms that may inspire you to change yours.

Often, minimalism greatly highlights artistic elements, like the beautiful whale triptych in this bedroom. Here, it sets the pace for the emphasis on the pale mauve details while helping the potted plants pop with a hint of blue.

We love how the fresh green plant adds a contrast to the grey and wood colours of this bedroom. The plywood chair by the window complements the room further, as does the picture above the bed and the dark grey and white curtains complement the grey themed overall minimalist look of this bedroom.

This bedroom is absolutely beautiful in muted brown and grey. It is important to add a contrast of colour so we are not overwhelmed by too much of one colour. Hence, the black swing lamp and the pendant lights. The black of these lights complements the dark grey carpet and the dark grey throw on the back of the chair. The day curtains allow natural sunlight to come through and brighten the room.

We hope these three examples have given you some inspiration for the look you may want to create for your bedroom. We look forward to help you explore more options with what you can do with your home at C Concept Studio.

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