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Simple Tricks For A Modern Home

A modern home is a mixture of simplicity, style and all things in. Simplicity is close knitted with the much more popular term, minimalism. It involves a neutral color palette as well but along with it are clean lines and geometric shapes. In short, modern simplicity involves stylish designs that work in harmony with one another - in terms of color and shapes. Here are a few simple and basic ideas for a modern home.

The first trick is as simple as it can get - just keep things clean and simple! Decorate a room with the necessities and leave out the others. Pick the key items - tables, chairs, lights and the likes. Forget the extreme decorating and keep things decluttered. A quick way to creating a modern stylish room is to paint one wall a different color than the other 3, especially for bedrooms! It's eye-catching and a great hack to save on budget.

Additionally, don't forget the lights! Make sure your room is "airy" by letting enough light in. If there's not enough natural light, make sure to have adequate lighting so the room doesn't look dull. A main key to modern interior design is the breezy feeling, which is best achieved with natural sunlight or down-lights!

Neutral colors are the way to go. Similar to minimalism, there shouldn't be too much bright and overly fun colors with modern design. Keep the walls, floors and generally any large furniture a neutral color such as monochrome (white, black, grey) or creams and browns. A clean and geometrical space can best be achieved with large pieces of furniture, so opt for big furniture that'd fill a space without being too messy.

Last but not least, natural materials can be your best friend in modern interior design. From wood to marble, all of these organic materials are usually found in modern designs. Marble would look great for tabletops and floors, and the same applies for wood. These elements will keep your home modern for days.

Still thinking of how to built a modern home that'll be stylish for a long time? Contact us today via Facebook or give us a quick call at 012-506 7298 to plan for your next dream home. We'll be happy to assist you in creating the perfect space for a better you.


现代式住宅是融合了简约风格和时尚风格。简约风格与极简主义更为流行。它包括中性色调,同时还有简洁的线条和几何形状。简而言之,现代简约风格涉及时尚的设计,也在颜色和形状方面相互协调。 以下是现代家居的一些简单和基本的想法。