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Minimalism – Less Is More

Minimalism is a trans-artistic philosophy which began in the second half of the 20th century. It is not only an interior design style, but it also includes other branches of figurative arts, i.e. graphic design, architecture, painting etc.What makes Minimalism the unique style that it is? There are fundamental points that characterise a minimalist design.

  • Less is more – this is the basis of minimalism; the less you have the better.

  • Each item or symbol has its own space to be understood: everything has a designated meaning - ideas, symbols & sounds; they all need their own space for their concept to be expressed and understood without having that taken away by too much clutter around them.

  • Embrace emptiness. Today, many people race to make more so they can have more but the more we strive to have more, the more stressful life gets. Emptiness is silence and silence is, a reflection of inner peace – interior peace, which is a symbol of status.

Almost everything makes a design minimalist but here are some elements that are minimalist when it comes to a home.

  • Colours – Colours should be soft and easy on the eyes, so as not to cause stress. Walls should be light in colour while secondary colours can be a little stronger for contrast and outlining of the furniture.

  • Furniture – Keep only what is necessary and discard or hide the rest. Sliding doors are great for the lack of space it takes and they are great for separating public and private areas without being too obvious.

  • Floor. Any clean material for a floor is fine - as long as you stick to a simple pattern. If you need a focal point to the room, a carpet will do nicely.

Minimalism endorses the essential and promotes a reconnection with our own inner-self. Minimal interior design also promotes a more sustainable life. It is unusual to find a minimal house with an abundance of lamps and electric equipment. Minimal interior designers will exploit natural light as much as they can, so we will often see large windows where the sun gives its light both on sunrise and sunset. Natural light respects the properties of the materials in a home and benefits our health. One big plus about minimalism is that it is kind to your wallet. With less furniture and a design favouring sustainability, you can be rest assured that you will be only spending for what you need.If you consider your home a place where you wish for inner peace, then minimalism is most probably the design for you.

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Photo credit: Home Designing

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