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Living Out Of The Box: Unconventional Living Spaces

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

When it comes to living spaces, there are an abundance of choices from traditional living spaces. The common ones are condominiums, flats, and landed property such as single storey houses.

However, with the ever changing times - there are an insane amount of special and one-of-a-kind spaces that's great for living. These spaces are sometimes known as alternative living, or unconventional living spaces.

Long story short, unconventional spaces are turned into homes for many reasons. Whether for a more interesting way to live, or for something less expensive or simply just a temporary change in lifestyle. Here are some fun and interesting finds and ideas for studio apartments we've found worth sharing.

First things first, what are studio apartments? These apartments are popular in Kuala Lumpur for many reasons. Small, cheap and easy to maintain. If there's anything worth talking about these type of apartments are they are simple - simple to clean, maintain and decorate. These homes typically have one main room and one bathroom. The main room can consist but not limited to - the bedroom, kitchen and living in an open space.

Studio apartments are favored by working executives and urban OLs as it's a small space which in turn doesn't require much housekeeping. Moreover, most of these popular studios in cities such as KL comes with convenient housekeeping services that's just a click of a button away. Such services can be found on an app that's just in your phone.

Typically, these studios lack walls dividing the rooms, which means there are endless possibilities for the placement of furniture. Spaces aren't limited and labelled like our usual homes. For instance, staying at an apartment with limited space and you're the type of person that loves cooking and would appreciate a spacious area for you to prepare your meals - C Concept Studio is able to turn your open space into a living and dining hall in one.

Moreover, balcony spaces can be turned into a study nook, an open area mini garden and much more. The best part about having an open space is the infinite furniture layout for it. By not confirming to the usual furniture layout, you'd be able to save space and make spaces unique and truly yours.

Unconventional spaces are one-of-a-kind and definitely have a lot of personality and style to it. Own a studio apartment? If you're up to making it your way, contact us at or give us a call at 012-523 0298! C Concept Studio is ready to change your living space any time, any day, into any style!

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