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Last Minute Valentine's Day Tips

Haven't prepared for Valentine's Day yet? There's bound to be something better you can whip up other than buying flowers or chocolate. Consider these easy tricks to show your loved one some affection. 💞

Spend Time Together

As easy and simple as this may sound, some might not be able to fully commit to it. Yes, you may be able to spend time eating a candlelight dinner for two for Valentine's, but do make an effort to actually spend time and be present while you're at it. Minimize checking your phone, picking up calls (we suggest you may want to silent your phone, just for a bit!) and instead, make conversation with your significant other. Nothing matters more than to truly communicate and understand one another.

Do The Chores

In 2019, we're all about sharing and doing chores together. There's no specific person in the house that should be doing all the chores! Equality is where it's at. Even if you're regularly doing part of the household chores, go out of your way to help your partner with something you don't usually do normally. By doing chores that you don't usually do, it's eventually going to lighten up the load for your other half and it's always a pleasant surprise to know that there's less to do. Be it taking out the trash or making the bed, we're sure your partner would appreciate a simple helping hand. A little effort goes a long way. While it may be special to do it on Valentine's, you can always save this trick up your sleeve if you're looking to cheer up your significant other in the most subtle way.

Set The Bedroom's Ambiance

The bedroom is a personal space you and your partner share and speaking of making the bed, why not make an effort to change the bed sheets as well? You don't necessarily have to change it into something all red or pink for Valentine's Day (but we truly understand if you want to do that too, there's nothing wrong with it!). Switch your bed sheets to clean, fresh ones and incorporate passionate colors whenever possible. Opt for neutral or dark shades for the bed sheets and pink or red pillow covers. Pink or red blankets would do well too! Personal touches like teddy bears or handwritten letters placed on the bed make all the difference. Your partner will surely feel warm and fuzzy on the inside with these tips. It may seem like simple gestures, but your other half is bound to appreciate the effort you put in. Be sure to give these ideas a try tomorrow.

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