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Indoor Plants For Dummies

Plants don't only belong in the garden. No garden? No problem! Give plants a chance indoors with you. Plus, you don't necessary have to be skilled in taking care of plants to be able to have one. We're here to recommend you a list of plants that are suitable for most - even those who are lacking a green thumb.

1) ZZ Plant

This plant definitely tops the list for the clueless, most low-maintenance plant parent ever. Although this plant can sometimes look like it's plastic and you may forget to water it for weeks, don't worry. It's one of the lowest maintenance plants EVER and only requires water about once every two weeks.

Picture Credit: Gardenista

2) Cactus

The reason why cactus are so popular and often sold in small, cute pots are because they're both cute and easy to care for. They aren't exactly leafy greens but at least they're green, right? These plants require minimum care - just place them away from direct sunlight and water them once a week. (Plus you can have many variations and types and they'll all look aesthetic in your home!)

Photo Credit: Etsy

3) Snake Plant

Most of us have probably already seen this plant somewhere, somehow but never knew it's name. This plant is quite similar to the ZZ plant, where it's super low maintenance and doesn't even require frequent watering. It's also a great addition for small apartments as it doesn't grow out - only grows up!

Photo Credit: Costa Farms