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Indoor Plants For Dummies

Plants don't only belong in the garden. No garden? No problem! Give plants a chance indoors with you. Plus, you don't necessary have to be skilled in taking care of plants to be able to have one. We're here to recommend you a list of plants that are suitable for most - even those who are lacking a green thumb.

1) ZZ Plant

This plant definitely tops the list for the clueless, most low-maintenance plant parent ever. Although this plant can sometimes look like it's plastic and you may forget to water it for weeks, don't worry. It's one of the lowest maintenance plants EVER and only requires water about once every two weeks.

Picture Credit: Gardenista

2) Cactus

The reason why cactus are so popular and often sold in small, cute pots are because they're both cute and easy to care for. They aren't exactly leafy greens but at least they're green, right? These plants require minimum care - just place them away from direct sunlight and water them once a week. (Plus you can have many variations and types and they'll all look aesthetic in your home!)

Photo Credit: Etsy

3) Snake Plant

Most of us have probably already seen this plant somewhere, somehow but never knew it's name. This plant is quite similar to the ZZ plant, where it's super low maintenance and doesn't even require frequent watering. It's also a great addition for small apartments as it doesn't grow out - only grows up!

Photo Credit: Costa Farms

4) Monstera "The Aesthetic" Plant

You've probably already seen this plant, or the leaf, in some type of fashion or hipster photo shoot. It's famous and loved in recent years but we totally understand why it's popular. This plant is a great bigger sized plant that grows fast, even without proper sunlight (fluorescent lights will do). However, do water this plant weekly for best results.

Photo Credit: Crocus

5) Peace Lily

Bored of all the greeeeeeeeeeen-ness? Peace lily have bracts that look like flowers and looks like the type of plant that required effort, but in reality it doesn't. Water this plant once a week as well and don't worry too much about sunlight either. Even if you keep them indoors all the time, the "flowers" will be blooming all year round.

Photo Credit: Bunnings Warehouse

By adding a houseplant or two into your home, you'll feel less dull and these plants will definitely freshen up your place. However, do choose wisely as we don't want you to feel like it's a chore when taking care of a plant. But fret not, the plants we've listed in this article are easy to care for For more tips and easy tricks, read our other blog posts.



你家没有花园? 小问题! 我们在此向您推荐最适合大众并容易照料的植物清单, 让植物在室内与你同在。



Picture Credits: Interior Plants CA

2) 仙人掌

仙人掌如此受欢迎并且经常在小巧可爱的花盆中出售的原因是因为它们既可爱又容易照顾。 它们虽不是绿叶植物,但至少它们是绿色的,对吧? 这些植物需要最少的护理 - 只需将它们放置在远离阳光直射的地方,每周浇水一次。 (此外,仙人掌可以有许多变化和类型,它们也起了美化花园的作用!)

Picture Credit: Plant Gifts Melbourne

3) 虎尾兰

相信大多数人已经在见过这种植物,但却不知道它的名字。 虎尾兰跟进钱树非常相似,它们都很容易保养,甚至不需要经常浇水。 它也很适合放在小公寓,因为它不会“长大“ - 只会长高!

Photo Credits: Vintage Revivals

4) 龟背竹 之 “美学“植物

它近年来很有名。您可能已经在某种时尚或时髦的拍摄中看过这种植物或叶子。 这种植物是一种体型较大的植物,即使没有适当的阳光也能快速生长(荧光灯也行)。 但是,我们必须每周给这种植物浇水以获得最佳效果

Photo Credit: Palm Place Nursery

5) 白鹤芋 - 和平百合

绿色植物太普遍太无趣了? 白鹤芋是像花的苞片,看起来像需要用心照料的植物,但实际上它不是。 每周给这种植物浇水一次,也不用太多阳光。 即使你一直把它们放在室内,“鲜花”也会全年开花。

Photo Credits: Interior Plants CA

在室内添加一两个植物会让您的家中不那么沉闷,反而分外清新。 但是,要明智地做出选择,因为我们不希望您在照顾植物时觉得这是一件苦差事。 但请您放心,我们在本文中列出的植物是很容易照料。有关更多提示和简单技巧,请阅读我们的其他博客文章。

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