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How To Throw Away Garbage

It might sound completely ridiculous, but are we throwing away rubbish properly? The idea of throwing rubbish seems so simple yet most of us still hasn't quite grasp onto the idea of it.

To most, rubbish is something that's broken, empty or just something we've used and no longer want. While we throw away rubbish away every single day, magically, our houses and spaces are still filled with things! Have you ever wondered why? Or are you frustrated at the amount of mess and items that's clogging up your home?

We're here to give you some fool-proof tips and advises on how to properly manage your trash.

First off, keep in mind the "one day, one task" rule. Life is complicated, with one too many rules and it would just get messier if we're surrounded by clutter! Apply the "one day, one task" rule in clearing and throwing out trash. Have that empty but seems pretty soap bottle that's been sitting in your bathroom cabinet for the past three months? It's time to chunk it out!

Quit telling yourself that you'd put it to good use one day - it's better off clearing these items and recycling them.

Next, make sure you do throw something away daily. A little gesture goes a long way. Most of us have hoarding issues (don't deny it) and we're so emotionally attached to materialistic things. Be it a cushion cover that's been handed over by your grandma but hasn't been used for the past 5 years or a painting that was given to you by a friend.

If it doesn't serve a purpose or "spark joy", it's probably time to let it go. By letting it go, it doesn't automatically mean you have to dispose it into the bin! If it's still usable but you don't use it and won't ever use it, donate it to associations or other homes where people can make good use of it.

Consider donating to NGOs such as the Salvation Army Malaysia, Soup Kitchen Societies such as Kechara, or recycle them through Life Line Clothing Malaysia. If not, simply give them away to charities around your area. There are endless things you can donate - books, clothing, shoes, toys!

Most importantly, it's our duty to keep our space and home clean and organized. While interior designers can create a fresh and new space for you, it's up to ourselves to maintain the space and to keep it like new! A clean space creates a clean mind.

So remember, keep your surroundings clean and dispose of items you no longer need, even if they don't categorize to 'trash' to you instantly. Keeping this 'one day, one task' rule not only helps organize your home, it would benefit your soul too. Cleanse your negative thoughts by discarding them along with the trash - one each day!

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