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How to Make Your Home More Spacious

1. Try multipurpose coffee tables and ottomans. While it’s essential to squeeze in adequate seating, don’t overdo it — adding too many sofas or large ottomans can make a space feel smaller.

2. Create unity. It’s worth having a few furniture pieces in the same color palette as the walls. Even large items, such as these matching armchairs, will then blend into the room, visually enlarging the space. For even more continuity, the delicate fabric of the ottoman mimics the two chair pillows, bringing balance to the compact living area.

3. Work around the layout. When walls, windows and doors come into play, it’s tricky to demarcate an open-plan living and dining zone. A simple strategy is to add a standing light against the wall between the two areas, as well as a rug that lines up with the sofa.

4. Add a chaise lounge or floating cabinetry. An L-shaped sofa not only provides extra seating, it separates the living and dining spaces. The wall-mounted console helps avoid clutter with its floating effect. It makes the thoroughfare seem wider, and cleaning underneath is a breeze.

5. Add a wide mirror to make your house seem spacious. The fragments and visual from the mirror will double up your room, allowing it to seem like your house is bigger due to the reflection.

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