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How To Be A Smart Homeowner

Being a first-time (or not) homeowner is always exciting! But aside from excitement, there’s also  stress and anxiety that comes with it. Sometimes, first-time homeowners can be blinded by  excitement and end up with bad decisions on their home that they’ll come to regret later. While  making mistakes is inevitable, here are a few simple tips on how to be a smart homeowner that can save you time and money in the long run.

1. Seek Advice From Professionals

Learn more about the entire decorating, interior designing, and budgeting process before making rash decisions. To make the process easier, consult professionals such as C Concept Studio for advice. It’s important to get proper information and ideas as a home is something permanent and it’s not common to change it often.

2. Don’t Overspend

Money can be tight when you want to design the house of your dreams. However, balance is  key. It’s crucial not to overspend! Speak with your interior designer and plan out a proper  budget. The earlier your designer knows your budget, the faster they can help you plan and  design your home accordingly. Keep in mind that not all of your requests can be met if your  designer is trying their best to stay within your budget.

Instead of making things confusing and difficult for yourself and your designer, give yourself time  to adjust to expenses and understand your capabilities. If you’re keen on getting expensive tiles  for your flooring, save up and re-plan with your designer in the near future instead of expecting  them to give you what you want but can’t afford just yet.

3. Hire Qualified Designers

Skip the saving when it comes to planning the entire layout and decoration of your home. Sometimes, some decisions just aren’t feasible to made by yourselves. Spend your money where it’s worth and get qualified contractors such as C Concept Studio to do it for you. Not only is your home a place for you to live in, but it’s also an investment. Chances are, your home’s value will be worth much more if you have professional help from the very beginning.

Long story short, being a homeowner comes with great responsibilities. And with great responsibilities, it’s always better to have guidance and help. At C Concept Studio, we can help you manage from A to Z – just speak to us today through phone, email, Facebook or drop by our office to have a discussion.


首次购买房屋而成为屋主总是会感到兴奋和激动! 但是,除了喜悦之外,还有随之而来的压力和焦虑。 首次购房者可能会被兴奋蒙蔽而导致最终做出错误的决定。 这里有一些简单提示让您成为一个精明的房主,使您可以节省时间和金钱。

1. 向专业人士寻求意见

这是一个让您进一步了解整个装修,室内设计和预算过程。切勿轻率做出决定。 为了简化过程,请咨询专业人士,例如我们C Concept。正确的信息是很重要的,因为您所建造的房屋将会是永久性的,不是能够经常更改的。

2. 不要超支

在进行室内设计的过程中,您的财政状况或许会很紧绷。但是,我们必须知道,平衡是关键,切勿超支! 与您的设计师交谈并制定适当的预算计划。 您的设计师越早了解您的预算,他们就能越快地帮助您进行规划和相应地设计您的房屋。 请相信您的设计师会尽最大努力使一切保持在预算之内。请不要让自己和设计师感到困惑和困难,凡事都必须给时间去调整和了解。 不要期望设计师会对您的要求照单全收,听一听他们的专业意见,或许您会另有看法,到头来接受他们的意见呢。

3. 聘请合格专业的设计师

在规划房屋的整个格局和装修时,聘请设计师这笔钱是不能省的。有时候,有些决定自己做是不可行的。 把钱花在值得的地方,比如说让合格专业的的承包商(如C Concept Studio)为您做到这一点。 房屋不仅是您居住的地方,它也是一项投资。 将来您的房屋或许会升值。如果您从一开始就获得专业帮助,那么将来的价值就会更高。

长话短说,作为屋主是必须承担责任的。 而如此重大的责任,最好就是要有专业指导和帮助。 在C Concept Studio,我们可以为您提供帮助,帮您管理从A到Z的事务。今天就通过电话,电子邮件或FB与我们联系,或者亲自到我们的办公室来进行面对面的讨论。

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