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How Long Does an Interior Design Project Take?

While interior design timelines vary from project to project, some might take longer than you think. However it is, we agree it's best you know what to expect from the timeline of your project! As the saying goes, time is gold. We'll be highlighting on several property types and their estimated time consumed from start to finish of project.

Timelines differ in each property type due to many reasons. One of it is being the size of the property. There are an endless pool of decisions to make and the questions only pile as the size of the property gets bigger. Do take in consideration that sometimes your interior designer needs cooperation from multiple parties such as the contractor to make discuss and make discussions, and thus will eat up even more time!

We hate to break the bubble and your expectations, but it's a bit tight to have any major design project done under 2 months! Blame reality TV shows for brainwashing you to thinking any major design and construction can be done in a simple few weeks. What we see on TV is completely different from reality!

However, here's what to expect for some major and minor renovations, according to the property type. Do take note that all these timelines are just rough estimations and will definitely vary based on customers' finalization of design, designer schedules and others.

But fret not, because one of C Concept Studio's best selling point is that we are able to meet tight deadlines! You name it, and we'll try our very best to have your renovation done from A to Z in the timeline you prefer. How is this possible, you might wonder. This is all because C Concept Studio is an all-in-one interior design firm. From interior design to contractor and carpenter, we're can cover all aspects of what you might look for. By being an all-in-one firm, we're able to control and achieve tight deadlines as everyone is on the same team.

At C Concept Studio, we aim to work hand-in-hand with our customers to meet their expectations, from the customers' budget to the timeline of project. Long story short, the larger the project, the longer it will take for the project to be completed. However, each project's timeline will still vary and there's no certainty that all works (even if the same property type) will take the same amount of time to be completed.



有很多原因会影响一场项目的时间表。其中一个原因就是房屋的类型。无数的决策和问题会随着房子的规模变大而堆积。 请考虑到有时您的室内设计师需要承包商等多方合作进行讨论,从而会占用更多时间!

我们不希望打破您的期望,但是要在2个月内完成任何大型设计项目肯定有些紧迫!这只能责怪电视节目帮您洗脑了,让您以为可以在几个星期内完成任何大型的设计和建造。 我们在电视上看到的与现实是完全不同的!

根据房屋类型,以下对一些大型和小型装修的预算。 请注意,这所有的时间表只是估计,并且肯定会根据客户对设计的最终决定和其他因素而有所不同。

但是不用担心,因为C Concept Studio的最畅销的卖点之一就是我们能够满足就算是很紧迫的期限! 您尽管说吧,我们将尽力在您提出的期限内完成从A到Z的装修。您可能会问,这怎么可能。 是可能的,因为C Concept Studio是一家多合一的室内设计公司。 从室内设计到承包商和木匠,我们都可以涵盖您所寻找的资源。 通过成为一家多合一的公司,所有人都在同一团队中,我们可以控制所有人并在紧迫的期限内完成任务。

在C Concept Studio中,我们的目标是与客户携手合作,从客户的预算到项目的时间预算,以满足他们的期望。 长话短说,项目越大,完成项目所需的时间就越长。 但是,每个项目的时间表仍然会有所不同,即使是相同的房屋类型,也无法确定能花费相同的时间来完成。

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