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How Does C Concept Studio incorporate Feng Shui?

What is Feng Shui?

风水 (Feng Shui) is a form of practice that uses energy forces known as ‘chi/qi’ (氣) to harmonize people with their surroundings environment. Often sometimes people mistaken it as ‘feng (wind) + shui (water)’ that makes up the Feng Shui, but it is generally just energy within a space. In Feng Shui, the energies contain within a space can either be negative or positive. As such, the practice of Feng Shui serves to balance the energies within a space and harmonizing that environment which in turn will generally benefit people in terms of health, wealth, love, luck and so on.

How does it corelates to Interior Design?

Feng Shui incorporated into Interior Design will enhance and harmonize the qi of each space. Feng Shui can be corelated through various methods with the positioning of furniture, placement of suitable décor items, curation of paint colours, wall papers or if budget permits, restructuring of the property’s layout. It is best and advisable to get the consultation of a professional Feng Shui master on advice for such methods.

How will C Concept Studio incorporate Feng Shui and Interior Design?

C Concept Studio is set to collaborate with Master Bong, who has been providing Feng Shui consultancy for 10 years in different countries other than Malaysia by including a Feng Shui option package in our ID services for our clients. We believed that Master Bong has the relevant expertise and experience to incorporate Feng Shui to our client’s ID Project to achieve the best possible result thus benefiting and harmonizing the environment of their property. We would also be having a posting on Feng Shui tips every Friday with tips by Master Bong. Look out for our Friday Feng Shui Postings!

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