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Get Romantic: The Right Colors To A Romantic Bedroom

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching (just less than a few days away!), and you're probably all worried on what to prepare and how not to burn a hole in your wallet when buying gifts and such. Our advice is to ditch the gifts (well, not entirely) and invest in your bedroom instead.

If you've been following our posts closely, we're sure you've all realized by now on how important colors can be. Different colors can easily change the ambiance and setting of a room. Put your money in changing up you and your partner's room color as it can spice things up and is longer lasting than flowers can ever be! Here's a few popular romantic colors we recommend.

Shades of Black or Grey

You can never go wrong with these dark-to-monochrome colors. Black is the well-known color of sophistication. From office wear to casual clothes, black is a popular color and it indeed topped the charts in being the color seen as most sophisticated and attractive. Thus, it's no surprise that dark colors can be romance-inducing. These shades also have a soothing quality to them. Without being said, dark colors need to be contrasted with white or a brighter tone so that the overall look of the room isn't gloomy.

Deep Blues

Being in a country where summer is 24/7, our homes are already warm enough and most of us wouldn't pick earthy or orange colors for a bedroom. Our preference can be sided over to cooler tones such as blue and we're here to tell you that blue indeed is a sexy and intimate color. While red is often associated with love, deep blues such as navy blue are also commonly used in weddings and is one of the most popular colors for grooms!

Magenta Red

More commonly known as the color of red roses, magenta red itself is the color of passion. Bold and intense, this color is great to use in a bedroom to enhance the ambiance. However, it's best to be used on smaller details - decoration, pillow covers or such because too much of this color can be overwhelming. Otherwise, when used correctly, it would be the perfect burst of color in the bedroom.

With these colors, your Valentine's Day gift is bound to last for years to come. Not only are these colors sexy and sophisticated, they're also popular picks for homeowners as they aren't the type of colors that 'go out of season' quickly.

If you're feeling adventurous and want to discuss more on color palettes for a romantic bedroom, contact us at our website or through +6012-5197298.

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