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Disadvantages Of Hiring Different People When Designing Your Dream Home

Finally made the big decision to renovate your home? Already set your mind on hiring an interior designer? Before proceeding to the next step, we'd like to offer you some insights on why you should stick to hiring an interior designer firm that does it all for you - from carpentry, renovation to interior designing itself.

First things first, by hiring an interior design firm that does A to Z will ensure that all planning goes smoothly. You'd only need to face the same party from discussing your home's design, how carpentry goes, and when the renovation starts. If the interior design firm is only given the rights to do ID, there are one too many disadvantages that you should consider about.

For instance, you might have a carpenter in mind already but that's about it. If your interior designer hasn't worked with that particular carpenter before, dispute might happen. Opinions might clash on how to do things and what's worse? The one that suffers from the outcome would be you!

Moreover, aside from that, things might not go as smoothly as hiring an all-in-one ID firm. Timelines would be delayed due to communication breakdown or just frankly, not enough understanding between your chosen carpenter and the other parties. Additionally, the interior designer also can't guarantee the actual final design of the carpentry and renovation works. Everyone works differently, and if the carpenter and renovator doesn't share the same ideas and outlook as the interior designer, the outcome might not match the ID's idea.

What more, it might even cost more time and it'll definitely be more tedious to manage different designers, contractors, carpenters and what not. Save cost, time and most importantly save yourself from the stress by hiring an all-in-one interior design firm like C Concept Studio.

At C Concept Studio, we're able to provide you the best solutions from renovating, designing to carpentry. Make your dream home come true with no stress, only satisfaction. Contact us today through Facebook or give us a call 012-506 7298!


终于做出了重大的决定要翻新您的家园了?您已经开始着手聘请室内设计师了吗? 在继续下一步之前,我们想为您提供一些见解,说明为什么您应该聘请一家为您提供从木工,装修到室内设计本身,一条龙服务的室内设计公司。

首先,通过雇用一个做A到Z的室内设计公司,将确保所有计划顺利进行。 您只需要说明你家的设计,木工该怎么进行以及开始装修的时间。 如果室内设计公司只被授予做ID的权利,那么你应该要考虑这将会出现很多缺点。


除此之外,事情可能不如雇用提供一条龙服务的ID公司那么顺利。工程的进度或许会因为您所选择的木工师父与其他各方之间的理解不够而耽误延迟。 此外,室内设计师也无法保证木工和翻新工程的实际与最终设计相似。 由于每个人的做事方式都不一样,如果木工师父没有与室内设计师分享相同的想法和观点,成果可能会与ID的想法截然不符。

更重要的是,它甚至可能需要在管理不同的设计师,承包商及木工方面花费更多的时间,为何不雇用像C Concept那样的室内设计公司,为您提供一条龙服务,省时省成本,最重要的是避免压力。

在C Concept Studio,我们能够为您提供从翻新,设计到木工的最佳解决方案。 让您的梦想家园成真,没有压力,只有满足感。 别再犹豫了,今天就马上通过Facebook联系我们或致电012-506 7298!

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