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Budget VS Work Expectations

Renovation doesn't come cheap and we know it. Still unsure of what to expect or how to budget? Learn a few tricks and keep them up your sleeves for calculating your own budget. A little creativity goes a long way, and with these tips, you should be able to know what to expect with the final product of your budget.

1. Skip The Wallpaper

Wallpapers are all things fancy and pretty! But all in all, they're rather costly compared to paint jobs. If you're keen on getting wallpaper, we suggest making one side of the room with wallpaper as the main highlight. The rest of the room? Just paint it! That way, you can save on budget and make an eye-catching room.

2. Flooring, Flooring, Flooring! Flooring is a big part of renovating a home - it literally covers the entire house! While carpeting is expensive, there are also a ton of other choices who are equally costly - especially hardwood and designer marbles. That being said, it's definitely not very budget friendly to choose those materials. Meanwhile, choose more cost-friendly flooring such as laminate or the more common, tiles. Also consider to opt for the higher quality varieties, they'll be more durable and long lasting.

3. Minimize Hacking Don't fancy your current house layout and want to demolish some walls? Well, you've got to be ready to cash out more if you do. Restructuring the area, from tearing down walls to rebuilding them will definitely hike up the price of the renovation. It's quite impossible to expect your interior design firm to charge you merely on the price of decorating the space, when they have to liaise with multiple parties especially when it comes to rebuilding the area!

4. Custom Furniture For Important Areas We are fancy things that are one of a kind, but with that label comes a nice price tag too. Custom furniture requires workmanship, sourcing of materials and whatnot.

We do recommend getting custom furniture for the kitchen (those cabinets!) and for wardrobes, as those areas are harder to tackle with loose furniture. If not, opt for ready-made furniture for the rest of the house for a lower cost.

5. Renovate By Space

Don't rush to renovate the entire home, especially when your budget isn't too big. Focus on making one area the best it can be before moving on to the other. It's wise to go slow and renovate by room instead of dividing the budget for the whole house. You wouldn't want to end up with less than satisfactory results.

In short, there are just a few things to keep in mind. It's fair not to expect custom made items or heavy duty works with a tight budget. Instead, focus on what's within your budget. It's important to renovate smart - work with your interior design firm to understand better. Whatever your budget is, C Concept Studio can work with you.

Based on your budget, we can guide you in choosing the best and most fitting way in renovating your home. Talk to us today to understand more on what you can do with your budget.





地板是翻新房屋的重要部分 – 因为它实际上是涵盖了整个房屋!地毯,硬木地板,大理石地板都是相对于比较昂贵的材料。相反地,夹层板/层压板或更常见的瓷砖更具成本效益。此外,针对品质上来说,它们来得更加持久耐用。






当您没有太大的预算时,不要急于翻新整个房子。 在转移到另一个区域之前,必须专注于一个区域,使该区域的翻新工程达到最理想。 按照房间进行缓慢的翻新而不是将整个房屋的预算分开是明智的。

总而言之,凡事都必须根据您的预算来办事。精明地计划翻新工作,与您雇用的室内设计公司好好地合作了解。在此,我们想说的是,无论您的预算是多少,C Concept Studio都可以与您合作。 我们必定根据您的预算,指导您并选择最佳及最合适的方式来装修您的家园!


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