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Beat The Heat: Ways To Cool Off Your Home!

Can't stand Malaysia's heat? There's more to cooling down your home than turning on the AC! It's safe to say it's 24/7 and 365 days of summer here in Malaysia. Whilst your house gives you shelter from the scorching sun, it doesn't necessary save you from the undying heat. Here are some cool (pun intended) tricks which can help you beat the heat.

1. Light And Airy

Besides using light paint colors, opt for the same light colors for furniture and decor as well. This is a simple trick that is both stylish and cooling. As colors play a big part in our moods, picking light colors will create a breezy feeling for your home. Other light colors such as blue and green can also create relaxing and cooling rooms.

It's smart to opt for white for furnishings as white is the perfect color - it reflects heat! The color doesn't absorb heat and can prevent your home from being an oven.

2. All Natural

Keep the tips of your toes cool and comfortable with marble or laminated wood flooring. They don't retain heat and are easy to clean which is a major plus point.

Marble is the optimal choice as it has a cooling effect and doesn't absorb heat! It's also a natural stone which means it's less prone to scratching and cracking.

3. Blinds

Blinds are a 50/50 thing. Some people love them, some don't. Some people prefer curtains but definitely consider blinds as they block sunlight so much better! By blocking out sunlight, especially in the middle of the afternoon, it's going to make your rooms much cooler. There are also lots of choices for types of blinds - vertical, horizontal and even newer 'in' ones powered by technology.

4. Go Green

Is there any time of the year that isn't appropriate for greenery? The answer is no! Plants and flowers are always a great addition to a room. Not only do they brighten the surroundings, they also humidify the air.  If you have a balcony, plant some flowering or tall plants and they can block sun-rays and prevent heat from entering the inside. 

Keeping out the heat can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 - even more easier if you get in touch with us! Give us a call today at 012-506 7298 and let us help you create a breezy, airy home. 


马来西亚的“夏季”是24/7和365天。不能忍受马来西亚的酷热天气?除了使用冷气机之外,其实还有很多方法可以使你的房子降温!虽然你的房子能让你避开烈日,但仍然无法让你远离炙热的热量。 这里有一些很酷的 (英:cool)技巧可以帮助你使你的房子降低热量。

1. 保持通风

除了使用浅色油漆外,还可为家具和装饰选择相同的浅色。 这是一个不失时尚也能降温的简单技巧。 颜色在我们的心情中起着重要作用,因此使用浅色会为您的家庭营造出轻松的感觉。 如蓝色和绿色也可以营造放松和“冷却”的空间。

选择白色家具是明智的,因为白色可以称之为最完美的颜色 - 它反射热量! 白色不吸收热量因而可以防止你的房子成为烤箱。

2. 全天然材质

使用大理石或层压木地板可以使您的脚趾保持凉爽舒适。 它们不会吸收热量并且易于清洁,这是一个主要的优点。

大理石是最佳选择,因为它具有冷却功效,不吸收热量! 它也是一种天然石材,这意味着它不易刮伤和开裂。

3. 百叶窗

有些人喜欢百叶窗,有些人则不喜欢。 虽然有些人较喜欢窗帘,但到最后还是会考虑百叶窗,因为百叶窗可以更好地阻挡阳光!特别是在中午,百叶窗可以阻挡阳光射入并让你的房间更凉爽。 百叶窗的种类也有很多种选择 - 垂直,水平甚至是往后会与更新进的“技术”结合。

4. 绿化

现在这个年代,没有人不响应绿化! 在房间内种植一些植物和花卉绝对是一个很好的辅助。 它们不仅可以照亮周围环境,还可以稍微带有“加湿”的效果。


赶走酷热其实就像a,b,c那样简单,如果您让我们协助您,那就更加简单轻松了。今天就马上致电给我们 012 – 506 7298, 让我们为你建造一个凉爽及舒适的家园。

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