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Image: David Travis

If you have hired an interior designer, it will be good if you could have some information ready for your designer so your meeting will not take too long. In order to give you the home that you desire, your designer will need to know more about your lifestyle and you. Here are some things you can think about and make some notes on before meeting with your designer.

1. What do you already love and hate about your home.

Knowing what you love and hate about your current home will facilitate the process of designing your home for you because your designer will not have to go back and forth discussing designs that may not work for you. The more your designer knows, the better.

Make a list of these things. They can be big things like not having enough bathrooms or the layout of your kitchen or even small things like the colour of your walls or furniture. You can divide a page into two columns and list things you love in one column and things you don’t in the other.

It would also be good to prioritise your likes and dislikes. In the event that decisions have to be made on which is more important, in terms of budget, your designer will know what you would prefer. Your designer can also help you overcome some of the issues with probably some simple solutions that may be kind to your purse strings.

2. How do you use your home?

This will depend your lifestyle. Do you prefer a TV or chair to sit on while you read in your bedroom or is the bedroom strictly for sleeping? Would a charging station be useful in your bedroom and would you need extra electrical outlets?

Walk around your home and ask how do you use each room so your designer can help you improve the function of the rooms.

Image: Hutomo Abrianto

3. Do you have special needs that should be factored in?

Do you have pets? If so, you have to factor in their needs. Do you have children or an elderly person living with you or who visit often? You may need wheelchair access or you may have to make your home child proof. Does anyone who live with you have allergies? If so, carpets are not a good idea.