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Decorating your home for Christmas doesn’t have to be a tedious job. Make it a family activity. Discuss how you can spruce up some corners or walls in your home. Here are some ideas you can consider besides the usual decorating of a Christmas tree.

Image: she scrafty

1. An Enlightening Centerpiece

Fill a decorative glass bowl with decorative light bulbs dipped in sparkly glitter of green and red or silver and gold. Make this a centerpiece for your table or place it on an end table for more Christmas fun. Alternatively, you can replace the bulbs with pinecones with the tips painted in silver and gold or even use Christmas ornaments in the same colours.

Image:Steve Giralt

2. Have a White Christmas!

To create the illusion of falling snow, string little silver and white gift bows at your window. You can have a white Christmas after all, even if you live in Malaysia.

Image: Crate and Barrel

3. Table Trimmings

A great way to decorate your table is by using a table cloths and runners in Christmas colours. Red, green, white, silver, gold and even earthy browns are great. Balance earthy browns with silver or gold.

Image: Steve Giralt

4. A Glass Act

A simple way to decorate for Christmas is to use an end table or a deep window sill and display glass candlestick holders with silver, decorative candles. Tea lights in red and green glass cups can also be added for a pop of cheer this season!

Image: Steve Giralt

5. Season’s Greetings!

Decorate your staircase with cards you receive from friends and loved ones with red and green or silver and gold ribbons for a more festive look.

Image: Steve Giralt

6. Double Action Presents

Use the presents you have wrapped as a décor. Don’t just place all of them under the tree. Place them on tables or deep window sills with red and green ornaments around them. You can be creative with the wrapping too. Use red and green beads as tie-ons for your presents, instead of bows.

Image: Tom Merton

7. Let There Be Light!

Wrap red, green, silver, gold and white ribbons around pillar candles as you shed light on your home this Christmas. You can add holly leaves and berries to the ribbons too.

Image: Party City

8. Take it Outside!

As an alternative to wreaths, you can hang a big bow on your door to greet your guests this holiday season. Red or silver will do just nicely.

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