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6 Dreamy Lilac Interior Hacks You Want to Steal!

From deep to pale lilacs, this purple color range can give your space a sophisticated look. While darker shades give off royalty vibes, lighter shades are peaceful and can help you relax. One way or another, lilac colored accessories are guaranteed to look dreamy. Steal these 6 ideas to revamp your space today!

Bright Lights Neon Lights

With Gen Y setting the trend on everything, it's no surprise that neon lights are in the spotlight now. It's fun and fresh and nothing screams youngster than bright lights above your bed. While bright red neon lights are common in cafes, it's not quite suitable to be used at home. A purplish neon light is the way to go! It wouldn't be too flashy either.

Personalize Your Cushion Covers

First off, if you're looking to spice up a neutral colored room, you can do so by adding a touch of deep lilac. Not sure how? While most furniture are chunky and expensive to replace (some hard to even move in the first place!), you can easily incorporate a lovely lilac color into your space by changing your cushion covers. It adds a flair to the space and creates a classy look. The plus point here is that cushion covers are so easily replaced, you can always switch to another color once you're bored of lilac.

Opt For A Sweet And Simple Lilac Tone

On the other end of the spectrum, pale lilacs adds softness. A light shade of lilac looks clean but at the same time gives the area some elegance. The subtle color is suitable to be used on furniture. It's nice to use a light colored dressing table (pastel lilac is the perfect choice!) as it softens up the atmosphere and to be honest, it gives off a barbie-inspired doll house look too! A chair of matching color would also add some cleanliness to the whole look. We advise not to use dark tones as the dressing table is usually quite large and a dark lilac would gloom up the whole area.

Lilac Colored Wall (Not Walls!)

Want to make a larger statement? Try a purple wall to give your room some new vibes. Remember though, sometimes less is more. If you're not all about colors, just one side of the room covered in lilac is more than enough to keep it refreshing. If you prefer a more "adult" and luscious color, pick a deep, rich dark lilac. If you're into the serenity and calmness of a space, a lighter shade would be more suitable. It's the kind of thing that people take as a trend but trust us, it's here to stay. There's no wrongs in painting a wall a different color. Which is why we suggest using lighter tones first and replacing with darker ones as you grow bored.

The Color For All

Lilac is a color suitable for all ages, from adults to teens. Adults have totally different tastes than teens. Lilac is a good choice as it's the kind of color that doesn't fade from being in-trend quickly. Thus, when creating a room for a teenager, instead of painting the entire wall, you can always look into including tiny details on the wall. Lilac wall stickers would do the trick if you're looking to DIY it. Another tip from us is for you to get your child to get their hands dirty as well - they would totally love being part of the team! Transform the room even more by using a matching color palette of lilacs for the pillow covers and bed sheets. With simple hacks like these, it's easier to switch things up once the teen starts to grow and wants to change up their room into something more sophisticated.

Lilacs In All Corners!

Got an extra corner in your home but no idea what to do with it? Make an impact by painting it a dark, luscious lilac. It would bring out the overall look of the space by making it look expensive and upgraded. While white walls are easily overlooked, a deep purplish lilac wall is bound to make a statement when guests come over! Your space would be up on Instagram in no time!

If you haven't realized already, lilac is an extremely versatile and flexible color to work with. There are infinite ways to using this color in your home (and your office too!). Whether you're adding a drop or a ton of lilac into the space, it definitely catches the eye in the right way. What are the hacks that you've learnt and would start using from this post? Share your opinion with us!

At C Concept Studio, we're always up to experimenting and discovering colorful ideas. If you have a vision for your home but no idea how to plan it all out, get in touch with us today on this website or through 012-5197298!


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