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6 Dreamy Lilac Interior Hacks You Want to Steal!

From deep to pale lilacs, this purple color range can give your space a sophisticated look. While darker shades give off royalty vibes, lighter shades are peaceful and can help you relax. One way or another, lilac colored accessories are guaranteed to look dreamy. Steal these 6 ideas to revamp your space today!

Bright Lights Neon Lights

With Gen Y setting the trend on everything, it's no surprise that neon lights are in the spotlight now. It's fun and fresh and nothing screams youngster than bright lights above your bed. While bright red neon lights are common in cafes, it's not quite suitable to be used at home. A purplish neon light is the way to go! It wouldn't be too flashy either.

Personalize Your Cushion Covers

First off, if you're looking to spice up a neutral colored room, you can do so by adding a touch of deep lilac. Not sure how? While most furniture are chunky and expensive to replace (some hard to even move in the first place!), you can easily incorporate a lovely lilac color into your space by changing your cushion covers. It adds a flair to the space and creates a classy look. The plus point here is that cushion covers are so easily replaced, you can always switch to another color once you're bored of lilac.