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It takes a team to create a home you love. The home building industry is a big industry involving many different professions. One important member of that team is your interior designer.

It is important to know the difference between a decorator and a designer. Decorating requires a certain set of skills but it is only a small part of what a designer does. An interior designer’s job encompasses every part of the building process that impacts what a finished space looks like. This does not just refer to the furniture and paint colours. A designer understands how lighting, surface finishes and an array of other choices affect the final look of a room.

Below are 6 benefits of why you should hire an interior designer:

1. Designers are experts.

Interior designers are not just people with a knack for picking the right colours or furniture. They are highly trained professionals who are uniquely positioned to provide solutions that just cannot come from other parts of the building industry.

2. Designers save you time and money.

Hiring a designer is not a dubious luxury. You will have a great experience when a designer is part of the core team involved in building your new home. Interior designers are like the wedding planners of the home building industry. They supervise many of the other professions & trades involved in making your dream house a reality; much like a wedding planner supervises over the caterers, photographers, florists and musicians at a wedding. They also help keep your project on schedule and under budget.

3. Designers tie the entire project together.

Your designer can be a strong advocate for your vision. Designers are trained to explore options, understand your desires & assemble plans that create a great home for you.

4. Designers make spaces more functional and appealing.

Designers ensure that no space is wasted or under-utilized. They also make sure that every space fits its function. What is great about designers is that their solutions are not just practical and useful, but also very attractive. They dedicate themselves to find elegant solutions that look as great as they perform.

5. Designers deliver the latest trends.

Like all industries, the home building industry evolves over time. Your designer will ensure that your home is appealing visually, with elements that will not look dated after a short, few years.

6. Designers add value.

A house built with care by a designer will age better and appreciates faster. This can prove to be financially beneficial to you should you decide to sell your home in the future.

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