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Minimalism looks differently for everyone. Just as we cannot have one standard definition of success because success means different things to different people, there are also just as many variations of minimalism. Because of this it may be difficult for someone who is beginning to learn and understand minimalism as he journeys towards embracing this concept.

So how do you know what kind of minimalism is for you? Here are 5 questions to consider in helping you customise minimalism so that it suits you best.


1. Why do I want to be a minimalist to begin with?

Understanding the purpose of your journey down this path is important because you would need to be reminded periodically why you want to embrace it. Your journey may get rocky sometimes. Knowing why you wanted this initially will help you stay the course and get back on track.

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2. How small am I willing to go?

You may not need to shrink everything you own to fit 300 square feet. You may have a home that is a lot bigger and may want to keep it but with less clutter and things. Only you can decide how little is enough and you may not get there on your first try or even the second. Just as success is a journey, so is minimalism. It is a life-long journey.

What you need will change as you progress through life. So, it is important that you stay disciplined in keeping things to a minimum so that as you progress and you need more, you can make room for more. For instance, what you need as a single is going to be very different from what you will need as a couple or a couple with kids. So be flexible so you can accommodate more when you need to but do not fall into the trap of using the flexibility as an excuse to have more than what you need.

3. What will I, absolutely, not give up?

For some people, it could be a spinning wheel. It may not be practical to have one in a small space but they don’t care. It makes them happy. So what is your spinning wheel?

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4. Will the choices I make, save me money or buy me more time?

This will help you identify the purpose that led you to minimalism. For most people, it could be to get out of debt, so they buy less and made do with what they already have.

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For some, it could be to spend more time with their loved ones. Time spent to shop for more things and time spent having to deal with the

same things later could be time spent having fun and making memories with loved ones.

5. How will minimalism change my relationships?

When we aren’t focused on stuff, we will have more resources and time to focus on the more important things in life like relationships.

In pursuing this path, you will find that you will have to say no to some people to save money and time for more important things in your life and those relationships may change. Only you can decide what you are okay with as you progress.


But you will find that your relationships will improve with those who support you and who are important to you. These are relationships that bring value to your life and in the end will make you happier.Answering these questions will help you define what minimalism means to you. We wish you all the best should this be your path of choice.

In redefining your life, changes will not just happen to you but also around you. Call us for a consult and let us show you how we can help support you in your more meaningful, simpler and more effective life.

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