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After reading this you will be paying more attention to your surroundings on your next visit to a restaurant, hotel or an office building. Here are some interesting tricks used to affect your actions when using certain spaces.

Image: Camylla Battani

1. Strategically placed mirrors give the illusion of openness because it creates depth. So the next time you see a mirror in a hallway, or narrow spaces, you know why.

Image: Shelbey Miller

2. Black & white floors subconsciously trick your mind into thinking that the floor is uneven and make you move more quickly across them. You will see these floors where the foot traffic is heavy so people will run along and not cause a congestion.

Image: Ryan Christodoulou

3. Patterned carpets are usually used in hallways to make them appear longer and wider. The patterns on carpets make your eyes move outward creating the illusion of more space.