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Toni Cuenca

Christmas is synonymous with bright lights and sparkles. Lightings in any space can affect its ambiance and mood. Why not try some of these lighting ideas this holiday season?

1. Tinker lanterns

Fancy some pixie dust this Christmas? Fill decorative lanterns with fairy lights. This will be a show stopper for sure.

christmas barn

2. Pine cones in jar

Fill a jar with pine cones and decorative Christmas lights for your mantel or table top. There is nothing that says “home” like some earthy pinecones and Christmas lights.


3. Christmas Candles

What is Christmas without some candlelight. Decorate your dining table with some candles to add some Christmas glow to your dishes and space.

4. String Lights in Christmas Shapes

Decorate your wall with some String lights shaped like a Christmas tree, Santa or presents.

5. Light up!

Decorate your staircases, mantels and tabletops with some green pine leaves and red ribbons or berries and

intertwine them with some Christmas lights.

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