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Hermes Rivera

Our bedrooms are where we spend the most time in. It is our private sanctuary. Therefore, it is normal for it to be a little untidy at times since it is the most lived in area in the house. That is why it is crucial that we have a place for everything and that we keep only things that we need. It can sometimes be a challenge to organise our belongings in the bedroom. Here are some ideas that may help you!

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1. Utilise the back of your door.

The back of our bedroom door can be a great place to store things. Use pegboards. They are awesome for hanging and storing pretty much anything as you can see here.

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2. Have an Organised Closet

If you have a small closet, it is crucial that you only keep stuff you use and you must have a system to organising your closet. You can surf the net for a closet system storage that speaks to you. You will find plenty to choose from.


3. Hanging Brackets Are Awesome!

Utilise hanging brackets on dead wall spaces creating open hanging areas to hang your favourite clothes, bags and scarves. Display pieces that can act as a stylish addition to your space.

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4. Basket Under the Bed.

When maximising your space, look for places that are not used like under your bed. You can opt for a wicker basket or a low storage box to keep things like your linens and sheets.

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5. Utilise a Bedside Organizer.

This is super awesome for storing your electrical devices, magazines or books right before you turn in for the night. This may make a bedside stand unnecessary or will help declutter it.

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