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4 Quick and Easy House Chores Tips

Some people enjoy cleaning, others don't. If you are the type that doesn't clean to de-stress, it's quite inevitable that your house will end up looking like a hot mess. Although Marie Kondo has been more popular than ever right now, some of us just can't be bothered to figure out what item "sparks joy" and what doesn't, right? While we adore the KonMari method of decluttering, here are some other helpful and easy tips on cleaning for daily life.

Sort By Color

First off, try sorting your clothing by color whenever you change. The keyword here is to do it only whenever you're changing your clothes. Take 1 or 2 pieces of clothing that you have already hanged up and then rehang them according to color. Since we change clothes every single day, soon you'll have a fully color-organized closet without realizing it. And guess what? Doing this rearrangement won't even take more than 2 minutes of your time!

Sort By Type

Clothes, there are infinite ways to sort them. There are a variety of clothes we mentally sort out too. That tight dress? Probably not suitable for work or a family event. Those sweatpants? You'd probably never want to go out in them. Thus, if you've already have them all figured out in your head, you can go ahead and sort your clothing according to the 'type' they are. Have a separate drawer for work, another for casual, another for events, and separate ones for 'home' clothes and whatever else you've already mentally sorted them into. This way you won't have to fumble through all your drawers whenever you're looking for a piece of clothing. And this would save you heaps of time too!

Make It A Habit

Doing the laundry, moping the floor, scrubbing the bathroom. If you ask us, those are tough jobs. Plus, everyone's got a little chore that they dislike to the core (over any other chore!). For us, it's most probably washing the bathroom 'cause gunk gets pilled up and it's just nasty to clean. Plus, if you're living with your family or have roommates, sometimes you've just got to be the first one to set an example. If you dislike scrubbing those bathroom floor tiles, spend 3 minutes after shower daily to wash away any soap or residue using the shower head or splash enough water to make sure all the soap bubbles and dirt go down the drain before you step out of the bathroom. This can ensure less gunk build-up and in return, the next time you really do need to scrub or wash the bathroom, it's going to be a lot easier and faster!

One At A Time

Weekends are made for sleeping in and being lazy. Who in the world would want to dedicate their weekend to full-time cleaning, right!? That's why we suggest only setting 10 minutes per weekend to clean 1, yes, ONE drawer in your house. Be it a drawer in your bedroom, kitchen, living room or any room. Take 10 minutes to organize and clean just 1 drawer and although it doesn't seem much, but by the end of the month, 4 drawers would have been cleaned! We do suggest though - if you're gonna start in your bedroom, clean all the drawers in the bedroom first before moving on to another room (just for the sake of keeping it in check!).

We believe that cleaning doesn't have to always start with the whole room. Neither do we trust in setting a day to clean the whole house (who gets it done in a day anyway?). That's why we recommend picking up small habits and incorporating easy tips into our daily lives to make things easier. At C Concept Studio, we can make meaningful and neat changes in your lifestyle and habits. Get in touch with us today through the website or at +6012-5197298.

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