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4 Question To Help You Determine Your Style!

Sometimes when you meet with an interior designer for the first time, you will be asked what is your preferred style of décor. Most people have no idea what styles are available to choose from, and which style/styles they are drawn to. Below are four questions you can ask yourself and based on your answers, it will help you narrow down a style that best suits you and your home.

Once you know which styles are more to your liking, you can research those styles and see for yourself if you like them. Then, when you meet with your designer, it can be a more fruitful meeting because it is always easier for your designer to give you what you want when you know exactly what what it is that you like.

1. Past or present?

Do you find yourself drawn to things that are old and seasoned or fresh and new? If you are all about the past, consider the following styles:

Deborah Cortelazzi

· Contemporary: This style is full of sleek lines and ’60s flair; a contemporary design will take you back to the era of Mad Men. This design borrows from different time periods, creating an eclectic atmosphere.

· French country: French country design is all about the romance. Its furniture is elegantly curved and its opulent décor will remind you of a palace.

· Traditional: Traditional design describes “old world” to a tee. Its design encompasses classic lines, comfortable furniture and orderly lines.

If you are all about the present, then you may want to consider the following styles:

· Modern: Minimalism and super clean lines are keys to today’s top design trends.

· Scandinavian: This design style is a combination of both, modern and rustic elements such as warm woods and area rugs.

· Eclectic: This style is a rejection of traditional conventions. It does not conform to what is the accepted style. This design is superb for creating your own casual aesthetics.

2. Colourful or neutral?

If you love bright, bold and daring colours, you may be drawn to the following styles:

Roberto Nickson

· Contemporary: This design is all about bold, saturated colours like burnt orange, mustard yellow and navy blue.

· Eclectic: Since this design is about an individual’s aesthetics, any colour that takes your fancy is fine.

· Traditional: The traditional design boasts of richness, so colours that are deep and dark like reds, blues and greens are often used here.

If you like the more neutral colours, then your preferred styles could be the following:

Hamed Alishahi

· Modern: Modern styles are usually of monochromatic shades.

· Scandinavian: The Scandinavian style is all about whites and greys. Sometimes you get a pop of pink or blue, but mainly the colour palette is of whites and greys.

· Coastal: The main colours of the coastal designs are stark whites and sandy tans, with blue as the dominant accent colour.

3. Simple or more variety?

If you are all about less being more, then these styles are more for you:

· Contemporary: These spaces have a clean feel to them. They tend to be pretty bare, free from unnecessary accessories and are very function based.

· Modern: Modern designs are all about minimalism and negative space; the space around an object defining its boundary.

· Scandinavian: Scandinavians believes in a concept called hygge; it is in part about being comfortable without going overboard too much.

If you believe more is more, and you can’t have too much of something, you may be drawn to these styles:

Michael D Beckwith

· Eclectic: This design is also sometimes referred to as the Bohemian Style. So if you like to travel and want your home to reflect your adventurous nature, this style will be perfect for you. Remember to achieve some balance when decorating according to this style.

· Traditional: Traditional designs invoke a sense of comfort and coziness. This style will have plenty of accessories especially of historical significance.

· French Country: French country designs are all bout opulence. You will see lots of gold and embroideries here.

4. City or country?

If you are comfortable in a city, these designs may be for you:

Annie Spratt

· Modern: Cities are centres for all that’s modern and fresh

· Contemporary: Although contemporary designs borrow from different time periods, they are timeless.

· Scandinavian: Scandinavian designs are cousins to modern designs with a European twist.

If you are more of a country person, then these following designs are more your taste:

· Rustic: Think cabin in the woods? What comes to mind? This is what this style is all about.

· Coastal: This style could really be yours if you love spending time on the beach.

· French Country: This style is a variation on European rustic.

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