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3 New & Modern Decorations For Lunar New Year 2020

2020 is finally here and within a few weeks, on the 25th of January, it's the arrival of the Lunar New Year celebrated by the Chinese. It's definitely one of the most important and significant times of the year for Chinese families. To celebrate this auspicious event, we've come up with 3 modern ideas suitable to decorate your home with!

While it's a common practice for Chinese people to put up New Year decorations such as the traditional red lanterns and paper cuttings, there has been a variety of modern decoration that's been quite popular these recent years.

Here are our top 3 modern decorations for CNY:

#1 "Chinese" Christmas Tree

Green plants and blooming flowers are auspicious for Chinese people in many ways, and it's especially true during Chinese New Year. Thus, plants such as kumquat trees and orchids are popular home decorations for this time of the year. While plants and flowers are traditionally popular, why not try a little something out of the box this year?

It's even better if you celebrated Christmas and have a Christmas tree lying around - don't keep it into your storage just yet! We highly recommend removing the Christmas ornaments and simply replacing them with Chinese New Year ornaments. Voila! An easy decoration job. Try using mini lanterns, red LED lights and red tassels to decorate the tree.

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#2 Chinese New Year Wreath

Similar to our previous idea, this decoration hack is all about reusing the previous season's decoration and revamping it as new and suitable for the Lunar New Year. Chinese New Year wreaths are increasingly popular as a modern decoration and better yet, you can DIY this beautiful piece.