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3 New & Modern Decorations For Lunar New Year 2020

2020 is finally here and within a few weeks, on the 25th of January, it's the arrival of the Lunar New Year celebrated by the Chinese. It's definitely one of the most important and significant times of the year for Chinese families. To celebrate this auspicious event, we've come up with 3 modern ideas suitable to decorate your home with!

While it's a common practice for Chinese people to put up New Year decorations such as the traditional red lanterns and paper cuttings, there has been a variety of modern decoration that's been quite popular these recent years.

Here are our top 3 modern decorations for CNY:

#1 "Chinese" Christmas Tree

Green plants and blooming flowers are auspicious for Chinese people in many ways, and it's especially true during Chinese New Year. Thus, plants such as kumquat trees and orchids are popular home decorations for this time of the year. While plants and flowers are traditionally popular, why not try a little something out of the box this year?

It's even better if you celebrated Christmas and have a Christmas tree lying around - don't keep it into your storage just yet! We highly recommend removing the Christmas ornaments and simply replacing them with Chinese New Year ornaments. Voila! An easy decoration job. Try using mini lanterns, red LED lights and red tassels to decorate the tree.

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#2 Chinese New Year Wreath

Similar to our previous idea, this decoration hack is all about reusing the previous season's decoration and revamping it as new and suitable for the Lunar New Year. Chinese New Year wreaths are increasingly popular as a modern decoration and better yet, you can DIY this beautiful piece.

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Our tip is to include Eastern and Chinese New Year elements into your wreath such as plum blossom branches, flowers and red packets.

#3 Red? Yes. Colors? More Yes!

Red is a color that represents Chinese New Year like no other. Using red fabrics for window curtains and bedding are a modern approach, but we have something better up our sleeves.

We're not entirely asking you to pick another color for this festive season, it's literally quite impossible as we do love our 'Ong' color, one way or another. All we're suggesting is to include more colors for this new year. Yep, you heard us right. MORE colors!

Using a combination of colors such as blue, purple and green is possible - all you need is balance and a little idea from here and there. Here are some excellent colorful decorations to boost your creativity:

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2020年终于来到了,再过几周后的25日便是华人庆祝的农历新年。 对于中国家庭来说,这绝对是一年中最重要的日子。 为了庆祝这一吉祥节日,我们提出了3种适合用来装饰您房屋的现代创意设计:



#1 中式“圣诞树”

在农历新年期间,绿色植物和盛开的花朵对华人来说都有意喻吉祥的意思。 因此,一年中的这个时候,金桔树和兰花等植物是家家户户都流行的家庭装饰品。 尽管植物和花卉在传统上很受欢迎,但为什么今年不尝试一下一些前所未试过的东西呢?

如果您在庆祝圣诞节时摆放一棵圣诞树,那就更好了,您不必那么紧张把它给收起来, 我们强烈建议您可以将圣诞节饰品摘下,并将其替换成农历新年饰品。 您可以尝试使用迷你灯笼,红色LED灯和红缨来装饰树。瞧! 那是多么简单的一个装饰工作。

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与我们之前的装修技巧想法想法类似,将上一季的饰品,改造并重新使用。 现代式的农历新年花环越来越受欢迎,而更好的是,您可以自己动手制作这美丽的作品。


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红色是代表农历新年的一种颜色。 在窗帘和用品上使用红色是一种现代的做法,但是我们还是可以做得更好。

我们并不是要您完全选择另一种颜色,因为我们确实喜欢这种 “ Ong”颜色。我们的建议是,今年新年要添加更多颜色。 是的,您没听错。是更多颜色!

您可以使用蓝色,紫色和绿色等颜色的组合-这里加一点,那里加一点,只要颜色平衡就可以了。 您可以参考以下的一些彩色装饰来发挥您的创造力:

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