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3 Low Cost Ideas to a Greener Home

Converting to a greener home is the way to go this 2019. Although it might sound tough on the first glance, creating a greener home is easier than you think. By going green, your home will be more sustainable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Not only does it help the environment, it can improve you and your family's lifestyle as well. A few simple (and frugal) steps that you can harbor right at home is a good way to get it going.

Switch to LED light bulbs

If you haven't already, it's about time to switch out your old light bulbs to LED ones. Although LED light bulbs are more costly in the first place compared to traditional average light bulbs, it's the better choice in the long run. Not only does it last longer (up to 30 times longer!) than the average light bulb, it cuts down energy consumption and thus, can help you save more than a few bucks!

Pro tip: You can always rely on natural light during day time which can help save loads of energy and the electrical bill. Turn on the lights only when you really need it!

Unplug Unused Appliances

Believe it or not, your appliances and devices are still consuming energy even if they're turned off - as long as they're plugged in. In the era where most of us are equipped with gadgets and the sorts, we've tend to plug in our chargers even when not in use. To cut down on energy consumption, make it a routine to unplug any unused chargers.

The Big R - Recycle

As cliche as this is going to sound, we've all heard of the 3 R's. But only a small percentage of us would actually make the effort to recycle. The best way to start recycling is by keeping it a habit to sort out your trash. Get different bins so that you wouldn't have to think twice before throwing something away. You can easily sort the bins out to a few categories, namely food waste (get a composting bin while you're at it too), glass, paper, plastic and general waste.

Pro tip #2: Before recycling your waste - consider reusing it too! Burst out your creativity and reuse your 'trash' by incorporating in different aspects of your life, such as gardening or making crafts.

Green living is a lifestyle that's meant to upgrade and change the way you live for the better. It's great for mother nature and for families too, as green living habits are great examples for kids. It instills good habits and promotes a healthier lifestyle.

At C Concept Studio, we encourage our clients to always be on the lookout for greener alternatives. Let us refurbish your space for a greener and more sustainable living. Every green decision made is the right decision made. Contact us through our website or 012-5197298 for consultation.

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