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3 Christmas Color Schemes You'll Love

There's more to Christmas than just decorating a tree or wrapping gifts, get inspired by these beautiful Christmas color schemes that you'll love all year round. We'll skip the classic colors of green and red that represent Christmas in one too many ways and go ahead with some newer and classier colors!

First off, pick a main color you'd like to work with so that decorating and everything else would be easier. It's also less likely for the decorating to feel out of sync. If you're stuck with picking a main color, we highly suggest white, as it is a color that is easily blended with other colors and super duper easy to work with into something you'll love! 

Here are 3 amazing color schemes paired with white to boost up your inspiration.

Christmas Color Scheme #1: White Smoke & Light Grey


White is a timeless color that is clean, crisp and beautiful. Pair white walls with light grey decorations to produce a contemporary yet modern space. Plus, these neutral colors are always a safe bet - it can hardly go wrong.

Our Tip: For something that's more 'pop', add a touch of royalty shade with gold as it's sure to be eye-catching and will lift up the overall ambiance of the space.

Christmas Color Scheme #2: Powder White & Icy Turquoise

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Turquoise, which is a mixture of pale blue and green is another perfect choice that will remind you of a snowy Christmas day. The color is often seen in jewelry, and trust us, it's just as suitable for interior design. This color scheme is perfect for those who love all things sparkly and pretty.

Our Tip: As blue is a cool color, avoid using warmer colors such as orange as it might clash with the overall feel of the room. Try avoiding bright colors as well or the entire scheme might just be a little too shiny and overwhelming.