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3 Christmas Color Schemes You'll Love

There's more to Christmas than just decorating a tree or wrapping gifts, get inspired by these beautiful Christmas color schemes that you'll love all year round. We'll skip the classic colors of green and red that represent Christmas in one too many ways and go ahead with some newer and classier colors!

First off, pick a main color you'd like to work with so that decorating and everything else would be easier. It's also less likely for the decorating to feel out of sync. If you're stuck with picking a main color, we highly suggest white, as it is a color that is easily blended with other colors and super duper easy to work with into something you'll love! 

Here are 3 amazing color schemes paired with white to boost up your inspiration.

Christmas Color Scheme #1: White Smoke & Light Grey


White is a timeless color that is clean, crisp and beautiful. Pair white walls with light grey decorations to produce a contemporary yet modern space. Plus, these neutral colors are always a safe bet - it can hardly go wrong.

Our Tip: For something that's more 'pop', add a touch of royalty shade with gold as it's sure to be eye-catching and will lift up the overall ambiance of the space.

Christmas Color Scheme #2: Powder White & Icy Turquoise

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Turquoise, which is a mixture of pale blue and green is another perfect choice that will remind you of a snowy Christmas day. The color is often seen in jewelry, and trust us, it's just as suitable for interior design. This color scheme is perfect for those who love all things sparkly and pretty.

Our Tip: As blue is a cool color, avoid using warmer colors such as orange as it might clash with the overall feel of the room. Try avoiding bright colors as well or the entire scheme might just be a little too shiny and overwhelming.

Christmas Color Scheme #3: Alabaster White & Royal Gold

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Gold is not the conventional Christmas color and is often overshadowed! With this color scheme, the key point is balance. Keep in mind to use subtle gold decorations but don't go over the top - you can also choose some light cream or beige tones to balance out the white. 

Our Tip: Try brass or gold kitchen faucets and handles with white counter tops and drawers.

These are our 3 Christmas color schemes suitable to be used in residential or commercial spaces. Still have doubts and questions? Speak to us today and let us help you in creating the perfect dream space.



圣诞节不只是装饰一棵树或包装礼物,它还能带给您全年无穷的美丽圣诞配色灵感。 我们将跳过代表圣诞节的绿色和红色这两个经典颜色,并会使用一些较新和更经典的颜色做出不同的呈现。

首先,选择您要使用的主色,这样一来,装饰和其他一切都将变得更加容易。 如果您无法选择任何主色,我们强烈建议您选择白色,因为它很容易与其他颜色混合,并且超级容易做出您喜欢的颜色搭配。




白色永远都给人干净,干脆且美丽的感觉。 将白色的墙壁与浅灰色的装饰配对,将会产生“现代”的空间。 另外,这些中性色始终是一个不错的选择,几乎不会出错的说。



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绿松色是淡蓝色和绿色的混色,是另一个完美的选择,它会让您想起圣诞节下雪的日子。 着颜色经常出现在珠宝中,但请相信我们,它同样适合应用在室内设计中。 这种配色方案非常适合那些喜欢闪亮闪亮的人。

我们的小提示:由于蓝色是属于冷色系列,因此请避免使用较暖的颜色(例如橙色),因为它可能会与房间的整体感觉发生冲突。 尽量避免使用鲜艳的色彩,否则整个配色可能会有点过于闪亮和不堪重负。


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黄金不是常规的圣诞节颜色,甚至它时常被掩盖了! 使用这种配色方案,关键是平衡。 请记住使用精致微妙的金色装饰,切勿过分使用。您还可以选择一些浅奶油或米色色调来平衡白色。


这是我们的3种圣诞节配色方案,绝对适用于住宅或商业空间。 还有任何疑问吗? 立即与我们联系吧,让我们帮助您创建您理想的梦想空间。

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