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Decor Like A Boss: 4 Valentine's Day Decorating Tips

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, many of you may not have the time to prep for it as the Lunar New Year is only a week's time away and you're spending all of your time on perfecting that festival. While you may be busy worrying over Lunar New Year preparations - fret not, we're here to give you some quick and easy inspiration for V-day!

When people think of Valentine's, the first few things that pop up are roses, chocolate and teddy bears. But these things tend to be so expensive during Valentine's, right? And these items don't even last long. Flowers wilt quickly and teddy bears are left in a corner after some time. This February 14, make things different by adding modern twists to it, and make things (memories as well) that stay for good.

Frame Your Song Lyrics

Make your spouse or significant other feel appreciated by framing song lyrics that mean a lot to the both of you. May it be the first song you've danced to, the song you wrote for them or the love song you both relate to. This can be a permanent addition to your home and wouldn't be "out of place" even after Valentine's Day!

Create A Wood Garland

Red and pink may represent Valentine's Day, but they tend to stick out weirdly if you were to keep them up all year round. Thus, put up a wooden garland instead so it blends in well but still adds a touch of love to the space. You can either use hearts or words to make up the garland! There are also endless choices of material to choose from, such as paper or wood. Paper isn't a long lasting material so if you want to keep the garland around for a period of time, choose sustainable materials from the craft store.