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Discover Your Space: 2019 Interior Design Resolutions To Make

Since the new year has just started, many take it as a chance to refresh and change things up. More often than not, the new year feels like a restart button - and the best way to restart is by changing your surroundings. Here's a few interior design resolutions you should add to your 2019 resolutions list.

Maria Fadeeva
Try Bold Color Combinations

2019 should be all about trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone. Take the risk you've always been scared of by adding a dash of color to your space. Spice up your home or office with vibrant colors for an instant mood boost!

While colors can be fresh, fun and exciting, the color spectrum is huge and picking a color can be overwhelming. If you're feeling lost and confused, consult us as we can help you pick your ideal color.

Minimalist Living

Colors aren't your cup of tea? If you prefer the neutral palette, give the minimalist trend a go. This trend has been a hit since 2016 and it's here to stay. At this point, it's already a way of life.

Minimalism is all about living with less. While you may be emotionally attached to a lot of items in your household, it's about time to get rid of what you no longer need - leave it in 2018! Keep your essentials and the key here though, is to not add more to what you already have.

Plus, go for soft and pastel shades as it can make your space look more spacious. See a bright yellow lamp for the bedside table? Leave it. If it doesn't suit the color palette, don't buy it. You'll find yourself in less financial burden once you stop buying items just because they caught your eye.

Give Back to The Planet

It's never not in to be eco-friendly. While our government is already moving towards banning plastic straws and smoking in public areas, we can do the same in improving our lives right at home.

Get inspired by greenery and incorporate little greens in your home. Having potted plants can give your home a sense of freshness plus we can always learn something or two while caring for a plant.

Or if you are renovating on a larger scale and are switching large pieces of furniture, aim for sustainability. Try incorporating furniture made with easily renewable materials, such as bamboo.

At C Concept Studio, we're always readily available to help you achieve your resolutions. Share with us what your new year design resolutions are! Get in touch with us today.

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