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1.     Why should we hire an interior designer?

Hiring an interior designer would enable you to avoid costly design mistakes that haven’t been well thought through because we are professionals who use their skills to give proper advice and planning on how the design should correlates with a person’s habits, lifestyle expression and functionality with a realistic approach towards your budget. Read more on this topic on our website blog here>

 The First Timers Guide To Working With An Interior Designer

Why Getting Professional Help With Interior Design Is Good

Expectations Of Your Interior Designer



1.     Where can we view your portfolio/ past projects?







2.     What kind of services do you provide?


Interior design (Full Package Service):

a) Design, Conceptualization & Drawings

b) Curation of Loose Furnitures and Décor Items (Curtains & Blinds, Lightings, Other Décor Items)

c) Added value services:

*Estimation of budget;

*Supervision of Design Related Works Commissioned to Us;

*Useful Tips and Advice on Lightings Balancing, Décor & Styling;

 Read more on our tips here>

 Interior Lighting Tips

 Simple Tricks For A Modern Home

 Beat The Heat Ways To Cool Off  Your Home 

 Tips For A Better Ventilated Home 

 Valentine Day Decor Tips

 Indoor Plants For Dummies

*Useful Tips on Usage of Materials and Product Knowledge;

*Useful Tips on Maintenance and Decluttering;

  Check out some of our tips here>

            How To Throw Away Garbage

            4 Quick And Easy House Chores Tips

*Functionality (We specialize in storage and compartmentalization of cabinets, if you are a freak about     

  storage organization like us, we are right for you! 😊

  Read more on our freak tips here> Organising Your Pantry

*Good advice on how to get that “WOW!” Expression on your guests/customers face when they walk

   into your newly designed space! 😉

  Read more here> Living Out Of The Box Unconventional Living Spaces



        a) Custom made furniture/build-ins


Renovation and Construction:

a) Building renovation

b) Construction for individual property (residential & commercial) & development projects


Planning Management:

a) Submission to authorities for relevant approvals & permits



3.     Do you have your own/in house contractor?

Yes, we have a team of qualified and skilful workers to build and renovate according to our drawings as we are a construction company with CIDB license. 


4.     Do you have your own furniture factory?

We have a team of experienced and skilled carpenters as our partners to accommodate to the production and installation of your furniture. Our established collaboration means we have work hand in hand within the past sharing and exploring techniques for producing quality workmanship and materials that can best match our visual design against the final product.


5.     Can we use our own contractors/carpenters?

We strictly do not encourage this because working with a team who has the experience of handling past projects together always produce the best results. You can read more about the disadvantages and advantages of hiring different contractors/carpenters here >

Disadvantages of hiring different people when designing your dream home

Advantages of hiring an all in one interior designer


6.     Can we engage you for design and drawings only?

Yes, you can. We can produce the design and drawings for you under Item A ONLY of the Interior Design Full Services (Refer to Question 8) with an exclusion of Item B & C. The completed design and drawing booklet in hard and soft copy shall be handed to you upon completion of the job done. You may engage your own carpenters and contractors to do practical work at your own supervision in accordance to our design. (This service is usually use by out-station or international clients who only wants to pick our creative brain)



1.     How do we get a FREE Quotation from you?

Go to our HOME page, under ENQUIRY click on GET A QUOTE FROM US, fill up the form and submit “Get a Quote from Us”. When you submit your floor plan to us and provide us with the information on the type of work/services required, we can tabulate a FREE quotation to you.  


2.     What if I don’t have the floor plan?

We will pay a site visit to get the measurement. Please tick “without floor plan” on your Enquiry Form. Our Team will get in touch with you!


3.     What is the next step after receiving your Quotation?

Click on WHAT TO EXPECT on our HOME page to understand the simple steps & procedures to complete your Project!




  1. How do you charge for your design fee/What is your rate?

Fee are charged by per sq. ft. and drawings types.


  1. Do you charge for site visit measurement?

No for Ipoh vicinity but yes for outstation trip and visit to site is chargeable at OT basic rate of maximum rate Rm200/per day within Perak state and maximum rate of RM300/per day for Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Overnight trip is chargeable at maximum rate of RM150/ on top of OT basic rate.However, this initial site visit measurement charges shall be waived if you engaged us.


3.     Can I meet you up for consultation instead of filing up the enquiry form on the website to get a quote?

Yes, you can make an appointment with us to meet up at our studio, we will help you to fill up the enquiry form to get the Free Quote from us. Please bring along your floor plan during the meeting. (If you do not have the floor plan, we shall arrange a site visit measurement after the first initial appointment with you)


4.     Can we meet up at the site instead?

It is more comfortable to meet up in our studio than at the site because we do provide FREE consultation and a proper introduction to our services and you might want to take this opportunity to ask more questions comfortably during this session.


5.     BUDGET - Can you give a rough estimation of the total cost for a certain type of project?

Yes, we can give an estimation based on our previous experience of handling various projects. But for an accurate tabulation, it is always best for the design to be confirmed first because the type of design, the renovation work and the type of material used will determined the final quotation. However, we always try working within a given budget so it will be helpful if you can tell us your budget honestly. In this manner, we can help you to estimate if your allocated budget can meet your requirements for the project. Click here to read more of this topic on our website blog> Budgets and Expectations


6.     What is your term of payment?

Our term of payment is by stages which will be stated in our quotation. We view each and every of our collaboration with you as a great opportunity to create another original masterpiece, therefore as soon as you have place your trust and commit your deposit to us, our enthusiasm will ensure your concept board and initial drawings are ready in two weeks for your viewing.


7.     Do you include charges for loose furniture and décor items in your quotation?

Yes, we do but for all add-ons, a Variation Order (VO) quotation will be billed to you.


8.     Are they any other hidden charges as we progress along?

You will be quoted for Design and Drawings, Renovation Works, Carpentry and Loose Furniture and Décor Items but any add on that is not included in the quotation will be deemed as variation order (VO) which shall be billed under VO quotation. However, through our past experiences, we do advise Clients to park at least a 10% to 20% contingency under their budget for the whole project. To find out more tips on budgeting, click to read on our website blog:-

> Renovation Budget

> Budget VS Work Expectations


9.     What is your payment method?

Online banking, cheque, cash, credit card and credit finance*


10.  * Do you provide credit assistance to finance our renovation project?

Yes, please let us know if you require credit support when you are registering to get a quote from us. We have panel of bankers ready to provide you with personal/re-financing and construction loan financing.


11.  Can I pay the deposit after the design stage?

As we believe all our clients are reasonable and fair individuals who respect professionalism, just like you would not request to see the bedroom in a hotel before you pay the deposit and check in, we, of course, trust that you would see the reason why it is unjustifiable to provide our MAIN service under a FREE tab. 😉




1.     What happens if either party cancel the project midway?

In the event of contract termination, the client shall pay for all services rendered and work completed up to the cancellation date. (Please refer to the terms and conditions prior to signing the Quotation Contract)


2.     What if we discovered that we do not click on design and concepts halfway through the project?

We believe the chances of this happening is not high with our systematic and organized approach in finding out your preferences through our set of meticulously prepared Questionnaire you will be required to answer once you hired us. Our skills are not limited to designing but also in understanding your precise requirements to come up with the ideal design that best suits your style and functionality. However, if this happened, we hope that we will be given the chance to re-discover your likes and preferences as we do FREE amendments up to 2 times for major conceptualization.




1.     Can I be involved in the design idea?

Yes, we invite you to journey with us in the collaboration of the creation of your masterpiece.

We do understand that you may have a busy schedule and would like us to take care of all hassles for you but it is best to allocate time during the design planning stage for discussion in order for us to confirm if we have understood your exact preferences to avoid additional costly mistakes in your project. You can state your preference in our Questionnaire after you have hired us.


2.     What is the estimated timeline from the initial draft to finalization of design drawings (planning stage)?

The initial drawings and Concept Board can be ready for viewing in 2 weeks and completion of all drawings would take 1 month to 3 months depending on the size of the scope of work and your confirmation of the design. Upon hiring us, we will brief you further on our drawings process.




1.     Do we need to obtain approval to renovate from local authorities?

We would suggest for submission to local authorities for renovation work approval which consist of structural changes, but it is your own final decision at your own risk.


2.     Am I allowed to oversee the work progress at site?

Yes, but we do not encourage you to be at the site without our presence for safety reasons.


3.     Can I order building material from my own supplier?

No, because we have our own regular suppliers with a set of rates which we based our calculation on. We have good faith in most of our suppliers whom we have a long-standing and established business rapport with us.


4.     Can I join along to source some of the building material/finishing/furnishings?

To keep things, hassle free for you, our designers would pick and shortlist all the sample materials for your comfortable viewing at our studio. However, for material like tiles, sanitary, bathroom and kitchen accessories, if what we have pick is not to your taste, we will do our best to accommodate with you a visit to the show gallery to re-pick.


5.     Can you accommodate special request to use specific brands/type of building material/finishing for our project?

Yes, we can but you will be required to pay the differential in price (if any).


6.     Can we do an upgrade on any finishing/materials used after confirming signing the contract?

Yes, but subject to we have not place order on the materials and you will be required to pay the differential in price (if any).


7.     Will you compensate me for late project delivery/handover?

The date of deliver is given based on an estimation; therefore, we do not compensate for any late project delivery/handover. However, we always do our best to accommodate our Client’s dateline. After all, we are known for being able to complete within tight deadlines.


8.     Will you supervise the project if I use my own contractor?

No, we do not do supervision for renovation work done by other contractors except when the work involved our part in design.


9.     Do you have defect liability period for renovation work?

Yes, varied from 1 month to 6 months depending on the work weightage.

10.   What if there is burglary at the site which caused material losses or work damaged?
All our renovation work packages come with an all risks insurance coverage therefore any losses will be covered.





1.     What kind of material and finishing do you commonly use in your furniture design?

We design our furniture using a wide range of popular laminate brands on plywood or MDF, we can design and produce using hard or soft woods, treated recycled woods, palettes and other non-wood material like aluminium, steel bar, iron bars too. Surfaces finishing ranges from solid surface, granite, quartz, laminates, concrete, marble, tiles, solid wood, glass, butcherblock, reclaimed wood, stainless steel, treated recycled woods. As we believe that creativity has no boundaries, we commonly explore various type of material to create an original masterpiece that conform to our standing standard principle of 4 core elements of design – Expressive, Functional, Realistic, Balance


2.     What is the timeline from the fabrication of furniture to completion of installation?

Once the 2D Furniture Production Blueprint have been verified by you, it will be sent to our carpenters for fabrication at factory which normally takes 1 to 2 weeks to generate the first batch. Installation work will commence batch by batch. The timeline varies for different type of properties ranging from 1 week to 2 months.


3.     Do you provide warranty for your custom-made furniture?

One-month warranty on defaults of workmanship which we will repair and fix good upon your notice to us.

4.     Where do you source items like curtains, lightings, decors, loose furniture and other items?

From our regular suppliers whom we have a long-standing and established business rapport with us where we are assured of good service and quality goods that matches your budget and our design. For specific lower budget items, we are also able to help you to purchase from popular online shopping platforms like Shopee, Lazada and Taobao. We also specialize in furnishings with IKEA items and loose furniture. However, we also have our own production decors which we may incorporate and recommend to our Client.


5.     What is the warranty term of loose furniture/items?

All warranty come directly under the suppliers’ terms (if applicable) and are not under the warranty of C Concept Studio.


6.     Is there provision of maintenance services for the loose furniture/items?

Maintenance services come directly under seller’s terms (if applicable) and are not serviced by C Concept Studio.


7.     Do you assist in the curation of household electrical appliances?

Upon request, we can assist to curate and can refer you good recommendation, but the quality or warranty of the goods sold are under the liability of the supplier/seller.





1.     Do you provide cleaning services?

If your scope of work includes renovation, we do provide one-time FREE light cleaning upon completion. Upon request, we can provide cleaning services with charges.


2.     HANDOVER - What will we be getting back upon completion of the project?

We will provide the Design and Drawing Booklet, Warranty cards by supplier (if any), your keys to your Property, occasionally some memoir items from us to thank you for giving us a chance to journey with you in creating your masterpiece! (That’s a surprise!)


3.     HANDOVER – Do you have a procedure for handing over upon completion?

Yes, we do. We will have joint inspection of the Property and you will be required to sign some handover documents including finalization of accounts and occasionally, a “WE-fie” to commemorate the occasion!

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