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Here at C CONCEPT, we believe in creating opportunities and environment that will cultivate and enhance our designer's creativity that will lead to designing spaces using our 4 Core Elements Of Design technique.

We do not believe in putting our designer's creativity in a box but we are here to constantly encourage our designers to challenge themselves to think out of the box and to re-design the box.  We are here to work together as a team to create and establish a household brand in the trade of interior design while giving everyone the opportunity to be independent with their own design.

Contrary to popular belief, the key to become a successful interior designer does not stop at just having a creative mind. We believe that an interior designer should also possess the qualities of being detail oriented with great interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills. If that is who you aim to be, then JOIN US! We seek for designers who hunger for career and personal growth opportunity and thirst to be in an environment that is challenging and yet remarkably rewarding.

Drop us your resume at:

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